Tuesday, July 28, 2009

God is good, all the time!

I have a huge PRAISE to share with you all! A while back...well right here to be exact...I posted about Israel getting approved for Medicaid. That was a big praise in and of itself...but it's even bigger now! I requested that his service date go back to his date of birth, as opposed to the date I called to apply him. This is because before he was even born I called to get him going on Medicaid, but they told me I couldn't do anything until he was his own person with his own social security number. I understand...but you would think there should be some exception to the rule when it is a condition you know your unborn child is going to have from the beginning. Well...enough with this business...the praise is It got approved! They are going to change his date of service to his date of birth. Which means any existing bills we currently owe on for him will be completely taken care of! And...even more...they are going to retro pay...meaning pay the bills IN FULL...even what we have all ready paid, and we will get our money back! PRAISE GOD! He truly is good ALL THE TIME! Thanks to all of you who have and are continuing to lift our family up in prayer! God is answering them!