Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Fingers & Baby Toes

I miss them...I want to kiss them...and hold them...and I won't ever get to do that with Israel. Makes me sad I took Rachel & Jaxon's for granted, just always assuming they would be there on any baby I had. If I would have known I would have kissed theirs a lot more. I would have held them longer. I would have taken more pictures of them. I would have bought more shoes. I would have cherished every time I had to clip their nails. I would have played this little piggy every night. I would have held their hand every time they asked...and even when they didn't ask. I would have painted Rachel's nails more. I would have cherished all the hand prints on my windows and walls and not been so quick to wash them off....and never taken them for granted.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


You can only imagine the excitement we all felt as we saw the Baby Walk box arrive! We put it together right away and started using it immediately! Once we got it all figured out...setting and has been great! We have been getting creative in doing fun things while he is in it, such as bubbles, fridge magnets and new toys! He has been doing well in it and tolerating it for about 45 minutes at a time...and even taking a step here and there! I just know now that we have this in our home and get to use it so often that Izzy is going to just take off in no time! We still feel SO blessed by all of the financial gifts that we were blessed with and we think of you all every time we use it. We thank God for you all the time! It's because of the hearts of amazing people that little Izzy will have the ability to become mobile and gain some Independence. We are forever grateful. Here are a few pictures, and even a little video for you you all to see Izzy and the Baby Walk in action :-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Transit

Friday was a very exciting day for me...however I have been super busy and am just now getting a chance to post about it! I ORDERED THE BABY WALK!!! HOORAY!!! I was originally going to purchase it through a vendor, of whom was amazing. Simply amazing, sweet, kind, loving people work there and I was blessed to be able to talk on the phone with one of them and share Izzy's story with her. I was blessed to be able to "meet" her. She had all the paperwork going from the beginning to send it off the insurance company and such. But on Thursday someone suggested that I call the manufacturer myself and tell them I am wanting to purchase this with cash and see if they would be willing to give me a discount. So I did. On Friday I called Mulholland and asked them that very question. The receptionist said they really prefer we go through a vendor, however the owner of the company was available and she said I could ask him. (Wow...what are the chances of that?) So I spoke with him and briefly told him what I was wanting to do and without hesitation he said "SURE! You can purchase it from me, and in fact, I will give you my vendor discount!" Holy Moly!!! AMAZING! So as of Monday, the Baby Walk is in transit on it's way to my house!!! Thanks to all of you wonderful people who blessed us with financial gifts and prayers. We are so grateful for each of you!

In addition to that...we have had some more money continue to come in, and with that and the money we saved on the Baby Walk, I am happy to announce that we have raised enough to ALSO PAY OFF ALL OF IZZY'S MEDICAL BILLS!!! Wow...a double blessing! These past few weeks have been amazing and I am blessed beyond measure. I never cease to be amazed at the kindness of people (Some friends...while others are complete strangers) and what God can do.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still want to help?

I have received some emails asking if there was anything else I might need donations for because they hadn't had a chance to donate yet but wanted to and our goal had already been reached! (You people are AMAZING!) So I got to thinking about how it might be a good idea to have a "Back-Up Plan"...for those unexpected expenses that so easily come up. I called and left a message about the Baby Walk and the exact cost. I haven't heard back yet. The average cost it $2000, however depending on the "extras" it could be more. I haven't heard back yet. Additionally, we are still paying on medical bills from when I was pregnant with him and ALL of the many doctors appointments, ultrasounds, tests, birth, hospital stay etc. What a blessing it would be to pay this off! And thinking about "down the road" when Izzy will need a wheelchair or powerchair or whatever else he needs. So I have set up a new PayPal donation link for "Izzy's Back-Up Plan" If you feel led to donate, we would be so blessed. The money will stay in his account until there is a medical need that comes up. (Don't worry...I won't use it for Starbucks...although the thought of a Starbucks Fund sure sounds!)

Thank You again, to everyone who has already donated!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Did you see it already? The THERMOMETER IS FULL!!! In just 5 amazing people came together and raised $2000 for our precious little boy to receive his Baby Walk! The words Thank You just don't seem to be enough right now! We are blessed...and overwhelmed at the selfless act of giving that you have shown. We pray many returned blessings on each and everyone of you!

(I am going to pick up the phone right now and order the Baby Walk!!! Can you tell I am excited?!?!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Amazing...yup, that's what it is! In just 4 short days we have raised over 1/2 of our goal for Israel's walker! We are currently at $1152 and counting!!! WOW! You guys are amazing! :-) We truly feel so blessed by each and every one of you who has been able to donate to this wonderful little person we call Izzy :-) I have felt overwhelming emotion as I continue to see the gifts come in...everywhere from $5 to $100...they are all so precious. And to see them come from so many different people...those I know well...those I don't know too well...and those I don't know at all! I have been pondering over this post and what to say. Honestly I don't think I can even put into words all of what we are feeling and I feel slightly embarrassed by this lame post...I really just don't know how to say it! It has just been so amazing to see what is happening. We feel SO BLESSED! Thank you to all of you also who have shared our story with friends and family! I would have never imagined...a year and a half ago when I started this blog...that it would ever touch so many lives. We are blessed by each and every one of you. Thank you for joining us on this journey in our life. I will keep up posted on how the donations are coming. (There is also a donation thermometer on my blog for any of you who want sooner updates.)

And just because of all this goodness...I thought I would share a precious picture of our little Izzy.