Friday, June 22, 2012

Pacific Northwest Nub Club

I recently joined our first group for kids with limb differences and their families. This has been something I have longed for since Izzy was born, but just never knew of one. I have wanted parents to connect with and be a support system for one another. And for Izzy to be around other kiddos like him. We had our first get together a few months back and it was wonderful. I met some lovely families and sweet children. We enjoyed a trip to the zoo, the park, and dinner. I really look forward to getting to know these great families and their beautiful children more!

Izzy and his new buddy Bryce.

Enjoying cupcakes together.

Izzy wanted to do everything with Bryce!

Izzy loved the swings...he is telling me he is going as big as the trees!

Our group ~ Day 1

Our group ~ Day 2

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Music To My Ears

We had a one year follow up appointment with Israel's oral surgeon recently, and the words she said were truly music to my ears...NO MORE SURGERY!!! She was beyond thrilled with Israel's tongue movement and speech! She said she can't see any reason for surgery anytime soon, and possibly ever again. Hearing this was almost unbelievable to me, because when he was born we really had no idea how many surgeries he was going to need. I had kind of prepared myself for a surgery every year. It was wonderful to not have one this year...and the thought of never having to experience that with Izzy again is thrilling. It was so had to watch him go through surgery and the recovery process. We were very blessed with an amazing pediatric oral surgeon who did amazing work and has played a huge role in our lives. While I will miss seeing her because she is just a truly wonderful person, I'm excited for the reason we don't get/have to see her anymore! I am also so happy that Izzy's surgeries were done when he was so young and he will have no memory of them, except for the pictures we took :-)
(Izzy is pretty excited about this too...ok he actually has no idea what I'm talking about...but someday he will and I expect he will be!)

3 Months?!?!

Ok, so I  know I have been a little MIA when it comes to updating my blog, I've shared before how busy life is and that my blog often takes a backseat...but 3 months? Holy Moly!!! I don't think it's ever been that long of a break before. So much is happening lately and I'm sure you would love to know :-) Sorry it's been so long! Here is a picture to tide you over while I get started on some new posts!