Friday, May 22, 2009


Shortly after writing my last entry I went out to get that mail...and what did I find...bills of course, but I also found a CHECK! Not just any check, you see it was a check from Social Security! YES PRAISE GOD, ISRAEL QUALIFIED FOR SSI! God is so good and so faithful to take care of us. He always knows our needs and is faithful to meet them. Additionally, Israel was accepted for Medicaid too! How amazing! All of this "stuff" means a HUGE weight has lifted from us and we can breath a little easier now.

SSI is a check we will get in the mail once a month, it will be to help cover any cost/expense we choose to put it toward! It isn't a huge amount, but we are so thankful we are getting anything at all! *Ahh* I just took a nice deep breath and was able to really relax and let me shoulders down.

Medicaid is a secondary insurance. It will cover any cost that our primary insurance doesn't cover...which means we shouldn't have to pay for any more medical expenses at all! PRAISE GOD!!! They will even back pay to the date that I submitted the application, which was on April 4th (When Israel was only 3 weeks old)!

This just goes to show, that GOD is still here and still cares. He promises to take care of us and not give us any more then we can handle. Even though there are times I wonder why God trusts me so much :-) I can rest easy knowing that HE is in charge and HE knows what he is doing!


Jenna said...

What a HUGE blessing!
If you get a chance check out I-CAN, International Child Amputee Network. There is a teen name Kayla Wheeler, she is amazing and does some pretty incredible stuff. You can find her story on the ICAN kids section.
Also I have a childrens book I would love to send you, (Logan is in it:)) Its called "imagine.....amazing me!".
Ok feel free to email me, and please dont post this in the comment section, I cant seem to find your email address:)

Jennifer L said...

I'm glad things are going well for your family. My daughter gets some assistance from the state because she is Autistic, but I haven't applied for SSI yet.
I read your post about Shriner's and it must be great for Israel to be able to get the specialized help he needs for his arms and legs. Shriner's does an amazing service for so many kids.
I think the key to helping kids that are considered "disabled" is to never think that they "can't do something" but just always encourage them to try.

Melanie said...

Yay! Thank you Jesus! God is so good.