Friday, July 3, 2009

A few firsts

It seems as though Izzy has been experiencing a lot of "firsts" lately. It has been a lot of fun to watch him learn and discover new things. He has been noticing his arms and legs a lot more. He moves them around and just watches them. It seems so fascinating to him that. It's the whole "cause and effect" thing. He does something...and it makes something happen! Often I will look at him and he will just be staring at his arm as he waves it back and forth.

Another first involves movement! He isn't rolling over yet (Which I don't expect him to do anytime too soon...Rachel and Jaxon were both late on every gross motor development thing) but he has learned how to scoot himself around. I honestly don't even quite know how he does it, but he spins himself around in a circle or moves forward or backward, all while he is laying on his back! At first I though one of the kids had moved him (Even though they told me it wasn't them) But then when he did it while they were gone one day...I knew they were telling the truth. He loves looking out the front window, so often times I will lay him down so he can see out. But the other day I came back in the room to find this! Apparently he wanted a better view! (Note the location of the blanket. When I left him he was laying parallel with the window completely on the blanket!) Funny boy :-)

He is also wanting to hold his own bottle! Umm, excuse me...I think you are growing up a bit to fast! Izzy gets one bottle a day, in the evening before bedtime. We do this so 1. He will continue to take a bottle if need when Mommy needs some girl time. 2.So that Jon and the kids can enjoy this bonding time with him too. Well the other day I was feeding him and he kept holding onto his bottle. So I let go, and he held it! It was just too cute I had to get a picture.


Jenna said...

What an amazing little boy you have! I didn't think babies held their own bottles so soon.

Wanda Pettipiece said...

He is so amazing and so adorable.
You have an exciting life ahead watching God use him for great things. Wanda

Anonymous said...

OMG, he is SO cute!
I can't believe he is scooting like that. My 8 month old just stared to move like that.

Trisha said...

so adorable, and what a smarty, scooting around like that!

tam7777 said...

He's already an amazing kid.Can't wait to see what he grows up to be. It will be awesome. All of you are doing a great job with him.