Monday, February 28, 2011

unLIMBited Attitude!

I LOVE that play on words! I read it HERE where I learned all about Cody McCasland. A little boy with no legs. He is inspiring so may people at such a young age. He is amazing! I saw this video and just wept. I had to share it with you too!

I also found this little video from when he was on Ellen Courageous Kid - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Socks & Shorts

As I have observed people with leg limb differences over the past few years, one thing they all seem to have in common is the fact that most of the time they wear shorts. I always thought this was odd and I didn't understand it. It didn't matter if they were wearing prosthetics or not. My thought with Israel was always to have him wear pants so people wouldn't stare quite as much. It hasn't been until recently that I realized that having Israel wear pants is like us wearing pants that cover our feet and shoes. The ends of Izzy's legs are "his feet". He uses them a lot for different things, and putting pants on him really "disables" him. So I pulled out the shorts and put his socks on. He seemed to be very happy about the whole thing.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Out for a stroll

He is doing it...he is walking...with the help of his Baby Walk he can get around a bit! This is such an exciting time and milestone in Izzy's life and all of you who donated money back here at this post and this one and this one too,are to thank for it! He is enjoying his new found mobility...I only wish we had hardwood floors in the whole house, because he isn't strong enough to do the carpet yet. Oh well, he will get there.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More stories of hope

I recently happened upon a blog called Born Just Right. It is a mother's blog of her daughter Jordan who was born with only one hand. Yesterday I introduced myself to her (Via the Internet) and she shared with me about a man named Josh Kennison. He is JUST like Israel, no hands or feet! Amazing! I was excited to watch his YouTube videos, ready his stories and find his FaceBook page. He brings a message of hope and an attitude of "I can". He is a runner and has won many gold medals competing at the Extremity Games. He is such an inspiration to me, to others and to Israel someday too! CLICK HERE to be inspired by this amazing man.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Touching Lives

When I started this blog, it was really just a place for me to update friends and family so I wasn't making tons of phone calls and writing hundreds of emails every time something new happened with my pregnancy and with Izzy. But over time, God showed me He had more in mind for this little blog. But even then, I though...who is going to want to read this anyway? I'm NO writer. Never have been! But again, God assured me I was to go on with the blog. To be real, and honest. Open and vulnerable, and let Him worry about the rest. And WOW! I have been amazed at how God has used this blog to be a blessing to people all over the world. Literally! To share our story, to inspire hope and to touch lives.

Now anyone who knows me knows I am a planner! Many times in my life I thought I had it all figured out...when WHAM! God changes up the direction I wanted to go, toward the direction He has for me. And Israel's life was no different. I just though I wanted one more baby. Nothing out of the ordinary. And God gave us Israel. A little boy whose life and sweet little face have touched more lived then we will ever know.

I have a stat counter on my blog and it tracks where people are who read my blog. I am always amazed to see where God sends this blog. Most recently there have been people from USA (Of course!), Australia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Spain, Poland, Brazil & Sri Lanka!

I don't get many written comments to my blog, and that's ok. But when I do, I LOVE them. They are SO inspiring to me. They show me that this is what I am supposed to be doing. They remind me that He uses everything for His good...even things that others think are less than good. I wish I had contact information for everyone who comments to me, because I would love to write you back and thank you for inspiring me!