Saturday, July 4, 2009

Going Organic slowly we have been going "Organic" and "Green". I'm not going crazy with it, but just taking it a step at a time. About two years ago is when we began to really start thinking about the things we were putting in and on our body. Foods, body products etc. I starting educating myself and just realizing the truth about all these things. We eat mostly natural organic whole foods (With exceptions sometimes of course for things like pizza and coffee!) with as little artificial products in them as possible. We also use natural products for our face and body, such as shampoo, soap, face wash etc. But the newest step in our going organic process has been the use of cloth diapers. This is something that I spent many many hours researching and educating myself on and asking tons of questions about them. It took a while to convince Jon (Because he has some not-so-fond memories of his dad spending hours over the toilet scrubbing out diapers, and he was not about to do that!). But once I showed him all the research I had done and the benefits (For baby, for our world, and for our pocket book!) he agreed that it would be a good idea too. The ones we have chosen to use are called GroBaby. I love them for so many reasons, but here are just a few of them. 1. They are a one-size diaper, which means they "Grow" with your baby so you don't have to continue to buy different sizes as baby grows...which is totally awesome in my opinion! 2. The shells are 100% leak proof! 3. The diapers snap in so there is no shifting or moving around inside the shell. 4. You can use the same shell multiple times in a row without washing! 5. They are SO stinking CUTE! :-) So here we are...taking one more step into the "green" :-)


Heather said...

I saw those just the other day at Mother Nature's in Portland. I'd love for you to blog about how you like them after you try them. I'm using Bum Genius 3.0 and love them.

Oh and I highly recommend the Kushies flushable liners for the solids.. much better than the ImseVimse ones.

Erica said...

I cloth diapered Liv and loved it! We eat alot of organic whole foods and even some coffee we drink is organic! Have you tried Kombucha Tea? Love that your going "green". First thing I did when we got to Florida was check out the Whole Foods Market! AMAZING!

Ann Wunsch said...

Hurray for moms who are willing to go the cloth route. I did with my three (who are now 29,26, and 15) and even then it was considered unusual to use cloth diapers. I think it saved us a lot of money in the long run and a lot of wastes in the landfill.

Back in those days, I folded the diapers to fit the bottoms as they grew. (and poked myself with numerous pins!) The ones today are super!