Friday, November 21, 2008


Many of you have been asking for an update, so I thought I would give you one :-)

There is no Meaning we don't know anything more. For right now, it is just "wait and see". There isn't anything we can do at this time, except pray and see what God does at the next doctor visit. Our next appointment is on Wednesday December 3rd in the early afternoon. At this time we will have another ultrasound as well as an appointment with our new doctor (Yeah!). From here we will see what the next steps are, if there are any.

A HUGE Thank you to all of you who are continuing to keep little Israel and our family in your prayers. You are amazing people and you have NO idea how much you bless us! We can literally feel your prayers and the comfort and peace of God and it is amazing! Just knowing there are so many people praying is an indescribable feeling. We appreciate your faithfulness! Thank you also, for all of your comments, notes, e-mails, phone calls etc. They have been so encouraging! I am always so blessed when I get on here and see a sweet comment someone has left or check my in-box and read a new e-mail from one of you. My love language is words of affirmation, so you have no clue how loved I feel through all of this!

We love you all and Thank God for you every day! We will keep you posted on any new details.


Erica said...

December 3rd is Silas' birthday so we'll for sure remember to pray that day specifically for the doctor and that he will be supportive and helpful. Praying for all of you!

Angela said...

Hello. My name is Angela Riesterer. I am friends with your sweet sister Melanie - we were in the same birth class! I am totally following this story and want you to know how moved I am by it and by your faith. I will keep praying. We who are mothers definitely understand what your heart may be feeling right now...I know no matter what, God IS IN CONTROL and GOOD will come from this. What a testimony you will be able to share! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, resting completely in our wonderful Lord.
You are loved!
Angela Riesterer
PS I have a family blog, too - check it out sometime-

PSS _MY love language is also words of affirmation! :)I relate!!!

Grace said...

I can't even imagine how God has lifted your family up in this time. You do have an amazing faith and you make me want the same. Personally, I always struggle with giving things up to God and having faith He will take care of us when I feel I must do something myself.

I am so proud to know you and I wish we could spend more time together. We are actually moving this week in the Jan Ree neighborhood, so maybe we will! Nevertheless, I love you and I know God has everything in control. All the days and nights of crying, praying, begging, and laughing will soon present itself. Israel will be here before you know it and your close family, extended family, friends, and strangers will have this testimony to share with others for God's purpse. How amazing is that? Think about how a simple struggle you have gone through could even give someone else strength. Now think about how many people will come to know God because of this little miracle.