Sunday, November 9, 2008

No Coincidence

I don’t believe in coincidence or even chance. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that many of the things that happen to us are directed by God. I always find it funny when people say things like “What are the chances of running into you here?” or “Wow what a coincidence”. Instead I think things like “WOW God, you knew I needed to see them today didn’t you?” or “I wonder why God crossed our paths today?”.

This is what happened to me last night. We were at church for the Saturday evening service. The worship leader is a long time dear friend of ours. He is newly married to his wife whom I don’t know all to well yet. In fact I have only met her once. But in that one time of meeting her I had felt a real connection with her. Last night when I saw her singing on stage a thought came across my mind, ”You need to talk to her, see if she has heard Israel’s story yet.” For me, it is still hard to tell people the story at times. I don’t just go around telling everyone everything. I am still emotional and often don’t feel like I can just talk about it as if it were just another piece of news. Non the less, when the service was done, I sought her out and found her. I chit chatted at first, but caught myself and got to the point. I asked her if she had heard the news on our baby. She said she hadn’t. I then shared the story of all we had learned about Israel this past week. She listened intently and said this to me. “My granddaughter is a miracle baby herself”. She shared with me the story of how God healed her little granddaughter when doctors said she was dying. It was amazing! Wow I thought! A miracle indeed! She continued on to ask me if we needed a good Perinatalogist (A doctor who specializes in high-risk & abnormal pregnancies). I haven’t talked about this in our blog yet, but to make a long story short, the Perinatalogist we saw basically told us in a few more word then this, that we should just terminate the pregnancy because our baby would have a hard life. She was very unsupportive our of decision to NOT do that and didn’t have much to say to us after we told her our decision was to keep the baby. With this being said, we did want a new doctor. One who would support us in our decision to keep our baby and encourage us in every way he could. My friend continued on to tell me about the doctor her daughter saw for her perinatal care and it turns out it is a doctor in the same practice as the one we had seen. I was thrilled to hear this because I can choose any doctor in the office that I want! She ended with saying this to me, “It isn’t chance that we are in one another’s lives and that we are having this conversation. Little Israel is going to touch so many people’s lives and I just can’t wait to see it!”

NOPE! That was NO coincidence that we had that conversation. I thank God that He had His hand in making that conversation happen. I feel excited to see a new doctor, one who was recommended to me, not just a name I had to pick off a list.

PRAYER - Please pray that when I call the office on Monday that there will be no problem getting in with this new doctor and that he will be the perfect fit for our family.


Melanie said...

I'll be praying! I love you so much, Becs & I know that God will bring just the right doctor into your lives.

Jeff/Mary Ballard (Gramma/Grampa) said...

Not a coincidence and not by chance. I can’t begin to tell you how many of those “not a coincidence and not by chance” events happened to me this past week including another one today. Friends that I hadn’t heard from in months or years ran into me, or called me, and said they had been thinking of Rebecca or me just out of the blue for some odd reason. It isn’t odd at all; it is all part of the bigger plan that God is laying out before our eyes. One day at a time, hour by hour, and minute by minute. How blessed we are to be part of the plan.
Our prayers are being heard!

Erica said...

Praying friend. I was going to ask you who your peri was. We had the same experience with Olivia. We were told we should terminate to save my life. We obviously stood for life and we had an AWESOME perinatologist who supported us completely despite the odds that his books gave him. Our God is SO much bigger then any book! Where are you going? Are you delivering in Salem or going to Ptown? I assume Ptown but just checkin. :)

Praying for you all!

Anonymous said...


I just got the link From Sharon D. about your Journey. I had not idea you guys were expecting!

I'm going to be praying for you and your family.

I know I miss your smiling face around the ESD (along with Rachel and Jaxon of course).

God bless you :)

Erica Jauregui

Svetlana said...

HI, Becca
We will be praying for you. We go to the same church, My daughter Anna is every week goes to Doernbecher for her treatmenmts.
her blog is

Wanda said...

What an awesome exoerience to see God at work! My prayers are with you. It was great to see you and the kids at A.C Gilbert. You are the kind of parents every child should have.
Wanda Pettipiece

Mommer said...

Rebecca, your mom mentioned running into people she hadn't seen in a long time, and I was one of them! She happened to be at our church last Sunday with your grandma, and I was at second service instead of my usual first service since my Sunday School teacher was doing pulpit supply at Faith Baptist last week. (Two more "coincidences!") I had a long chat with her, and got caught up with as much information as she had on Sunday. I've just read the rest of the blog, and wanted you to know you'll be in my thoughts as I follow your journey.

I know my last few years of raising a disabled child won't have a lot in common with yours since their disabilities are so different, but if you have a minute you might want to go back through some of my early essays (on my blog) about the grieving process of finding out that your baby is going to have a harder time than you expected.

I tell you ... when I was the teacher and you were the student on my piano bench, neither of us could have ever imagined we'd some day both be mommies with little boys who need extra prayer and help, but I sure want to be whatever kind of support to you that I can be!


The Vogl's said...

I also believe God does not let "coincidence" happen! :) Hey Becca, it's Rachel's old SLP...Erica showed me your blog and we'll definitely be praying for you guys. That's soooo cool all the things God's already done for your little boy and will continue to do.