Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Boy

Now that you have had a chance to hear about Israel’s story, it only seems fitting that I share with you a picture of just how beautiful he is! This is an ultrasound picture we got from one the two different appointments we had. They were very sparing in the amount they gave us and honestly most of them look the same, so I will just post one.

I present to you, Israel David, at 20 weeks gestation:



Erica said...

He is absolutely beautiful!

Jeff/Mary Ballard (Gramma/Grampa) said...

Israel looks perfect to me. His sister surly knows that he is just as perfect as he was meant to be. Let me share a short story with you…

It was so touching today to see Israel’s big sister, Rachel who is 6 years old, drawing a picture. First, she wrote her baby brother’s name “Israel” on her paper. Next, she wrote her name “Rachel”. Then, she discovered that the letters in their names were very similar; they both had “ra” and “el” in them, and they even had 6 letters each. She continued on with her art work and drew a wonderful picture of herself with hair, eyelashes, and clothes. She carefully drew her arms, legs, feet with shoes, and diligently counted all ten fingers as she drew each one. Then, she began to draw her baby brother, Israel’s picture. He had hair, eyelashes, clothes, arms, legs, and then she drew his foot. She stopped, turned her pencil over, and proceeded to erase his foot and said, “Oh ya, Israel doesn’t have any feet or hands.” She finished her drawing after giving it the heading: “Rachel and Israel are together”. Finally, she had me calculate the date of the day after Israel’s due date and had me write the date on the back of her picture. March 22, 2009; that is the date that Israel gets to open his gift from her. Rachel carefully folded the picture in half and tucked it away in a safe place for that exciting day to come.

What a special “Gramma” moment that was for me.

Melanie said...

To my precious nephew, Israel,

You are the most beautiful boy and I love you so very much! I pray for you everyday and I know that our Heavenly Father is making you just perfect. We are all so excited to meet you...only 133 days to go! I can't wait until I get to hold you in my arms.

All my love, Auntie Melanie

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness...I just read Mom's comment. Rachel is so sweet! God definitely knew which family would be perfect for Israel.

Angela said...

He is beautiful.