Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summertime Stares

Summertime means shorts, no socks, short sleeves, no coats, no blankets, swimming, playing on the playground..and LOTS of stares when you're Izzy. A fellow blogger wrote a post today and I wanted to share it with all of you. Click HERE to view her post. I completely agree with what she wrote and felt strongly enough about it to share it on my blog with you all. PARENTS: Please teach your children that staring isn't polite. If you genuinely have a question then ask. But don't stare. ALSO please teach them to be respectful of other peoples differences. Today was the WORST experience I have ever had with rude kids. A little boy, about 7 years old said about Izzy "That is creepy. He is going to give me nightmares!" And to make matters worse, Rachel and Jaxon heard it and it really bothered them. Apparently this kid needs more parenting! I am SO thankful that Izzy still has no idea...it's going to break my heart the day he understands. It did open up a good conversation with my kids about people though and how some people are just plain rude and weren't raised right etc.

(If you are considering writing me a comment or email saying something like "Don't you just think they are curious?" or "He is different so it's normal to look at him, people aren't used to seeing people like him."  or "Kids are just curious creatures." or anything of the like...please don't. I've heard it all...and then some. And unless you have walked in my shoes...)


Jenna said...

lets all move to an island!we r dealing with self image stuff and it sucks!we do theraph y every week.funny how others can crush your kis self esteem in 1 comment.....summer sucks

Jill said...

Oh, Becca. So sad. No amount of curiosity excuses rude stares. And what that child said is just awful. All three of your children are beautiful and precious. God is going to use Rachel and Jaxon for great things just as He uses Izzy. They were compassionate children before Israel entered your lives, but being his older brother and sister has only deepened a wonderful characteristic God gave them long before you knew how He could use it. I can only imagine how this world will be changed by their sensitive hearts.
I'll be praying for protection over Israel as he grows and is able to understand the unkind words and looks from those around him.

littlecbsmom said...

Both posts are very well written and a great message! Thank you to both of you for sharing. I am sorry that happens so often and that today was especially awful for all of you. That breaks my heart and there is no explaining it...curiousity doesn't involve being downright rude and mean!

I will say a prayer tonight for Izzy and for that little boy who needs so bad to know better!

Erica said...

So tough. I get this on a different yet the same level. We just get stares because my kids have a different color asking then what some people think they should. Or as one child recently pointed out.....my daughter and I don't "match". Its tough and it hurts. There is no getting around it.

The most BEAUTIFUL thing though are the teachable opportunities for our kids - learning to extend grace to those that hurt us and are rude. Educating others that it is NOT creepy nor is it "weird". Our kids will grow up with a deeper understanding of differences and the pain of people rudely pointing them out. God will use even this to grow you, your kids, and to bring Him glory. Love to you and your sweet fam.