Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cousin Lovin

My sister and I are best friends and always dreamed about the days when we would be married and have children and be Mom's together. That dream is now a reality...and I LOVE IT! Although she lives an hour away…I am SO grateful it’s not farther. We don't get to see each other as much as we would like, but the times we spend together are always wonderful, quality times. Our children are also all close in age and get the opportunity to grow up together and be wonderful friends. We LOVE watching them play and interact together and develop such tight bonds.

Recently we had my sisters two little girls over for a whole week! I tell you what…it was so much fun, and also exhausting! I really admire people who have 5 children (or MORE!) , especially close together in age. I felt like I never stopped moving while they were here. It was a good, fun busy…but none the less…BUSY!

Israel and Hailey are 10 months apart and I love watching them together. They are so sweet and really enjoy playing with one another. I look forward to watching their relationship develop over the years.

Here is a little picture re-cap of our week with the girls.

The lunch assembly line!

Izzy and Hailey in the wagon on a walk to the park.

Callie is SO sweet with Izzy, always helping him and taking such good care of him.

Izzy and Hailey went on the slide the whole time we were at the park! Good thing there were two of them!

BATHTIME! That's one full tub!

I got a new bed while the girls were before it came we let them go crazy on the old one. I LOVE this picture.

Awe...everyone loves Auntie Becca's new bed!

And we threw in a fun Tutu photo shoot as well. LOVE YOU GIRLS!

(PS…we miss all the other cousins and family who don’t live close. You are always in our hearts and thoughts.)

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Melanie said...

Thanks for making me get all choked up! :) I love you dearly!! My family is so blessed by your family!