Monday, July 11, 2011

BIG at Shriner's I have always known Izzy was beautiful and deserving of being famous (Just kidding...kind of)...but it's a whole other thing to have someone or something else acknowledge it too! Everywhere I go people tell me how precious, sweet, handsome, cute, darling, beautiful (and on and on) that Izzy is. And I love it. But I often wonder if people are just saying it because they don't know what else to say because they are in such shock and awe of how different he is. But I know this is NOT the case with anyone who really knows Izzy...and that it is also not the case with Shriner's Hospital. I've written many times about Shriner's and how amazing they it's no surprise that I am writing about them again. Only this is to share some BIG news. After Izzy was on the Christmas card, on their magazine and being honored at the dedication of the new building...he started to become famous around there. Different staff know him by name even. And now he is even MORE famous in a BIG way! A BIG picture of his beautiful little self is hanging on the wall in the main hallway. What an honor and a blessing to be such a huge part of something so amazing like Shriner's.

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Angela Watts said...

This is soooo awesome!