Saturday, May 21, 2011

Growing up...way to fast!

It never ceases to amaze me how fast children grow...and right before my very eyes too! I try to never miss a moment though, and truly enjoy every stage in their lives, because I know that in no time at all this too will pass. Israel and Jaxon have shared a room since the beginning. And with having a crib and a bed in there very small room, there wasn't much room for playing. We decided a while ago that maybe it was time to try a big boy bed with Izzy. We toyed over different ideas, and decided to just move him straight to a twin size bed. Jaxon has an awesome bunk bed from Ikea in which the bottom bed lays directly on the floor. It is PERFECT for Izzy because he can climb in and out of it on his own. The day we got it all set up Izzy was beyond excited about his new big boy bed and couldn't wait to sleep in it! We put a side rail on it he can't fall off, but he is still able to get in and out. He is such a good boy and has done amazing since night one! Never getting out of bed or playing with toys or anything! He lays right down and falls fast asleep. It's crazy to see him sleeping in such a big bed...but then again...he isn't a baby anymore. He is my big toddler!
Izzy May 2011 ~ 2 Years Old

Izzy July 2009 ~ 4 Months Old ~ First time in his crib


craftykat said...

So sweet! I bet it is great fun to share a bunk bed with his brother now :)

Jay Redlure said...

Israel is such a beautiful child! You are lucky to have him. His story will inspire others for years to come.