Friday, May 20, 2011

One Whole Year!

Yup...that's what she said! I am speaking of course of Izzy's surgeon! We went and saw her last week for Izzy's post op appointment. She is SO pleased with how the surgery went and how well Izzy is using his tongue that she doesn't even want to see him back for a whole year! I asked her for clarification...and you mean he won't be having surgery in a year? She said NO surgery in a year! She said she isn't sure if or when he will need another one. We will reevaluate in a year! I was SUPER encouraged by this, it was honestly hard to believe! THANK YOU everyone who remembered us in thought and in prayer over that past month during Izzy's surgery and recovery. He is doing wonderfully! His speech is starting to improve already and he is trying new things like licking his lips for the first time ever! Its amazing the things we "normal" people take for granted some times! I had never even thought about not being able to lick my lips, an ice cream cone or  a chocolate covered spoon!


Jen @ Born Just Right said...

That's incredible news!! Congrats and enjoy the licking!!

Sharon de L said...

Becca, wow, what a picture. That's Izzy's therapy right there, and it even tastes good! It's going to be a fun year ahead . . :)