Thursday, May 5, 2011

Surgery Update #3

I realize I haven't posted an update in a few weeks...and I have been getting lots of message asking how he is doing, so I figured I better get an update out there!

Izzy is doing GREAT! Finally! This time around recovery went much better than last year, as I mentioned in my last update. We were exactly one week out of surgery and I was very hopeful for a full and easy as possible recovery...until he woke up with blood all over his bed and himself. His mouth was bleeding and not stopping. After two hours of being up and bleeding I called the surgeon. She gave us some instructions on how to try and get the bleeding to stop at home. We tried (Which felt like we were torturing was terrible!) with no luck. She said if we couldn't get it stopped we needed to take him to the ER. So off we went. To sum that experience up in a few was terrible. We were there for four hours...and all the doctor did was send us home saying he wasn't going to bleed to death and that the bleeding should stop. Poor Izzy was miserable and not eating or drinking much. He had even vomited from swallowing so much blood. I took him home and loved on him as much as I could. After 12 hours of bleeding, it finally stopped! Other than that though he has been doing great! Started eating food again after two weeks. We still have him on PediaSure a few times a day to help him not lose weight since he struggles with that too.

We go back for surgery post-op appointment next week and we are looking forward to hearing how the doctor thinks things look. It's still hard to me to tell just how much has changed. Although Israel does seem to be using his tongue more and trying to do things like lick his lips, which he has never done before! We are hoping his speech will really improve soon too!

Thanks for all the love, support and prayers!

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