Monday, March 22, 2010

Surgery Scheduled...we think...for now anyway...

I title it that way, because honestly I have a hard time thinking that the surgery will actually go through, after all we went through back in December. But after more than three months of fighting insurance, and getting virtually no where, we decided to take a different route in getting Israel's tongue surgery done. We go to Shriner's Hospital for all of Israel's prosthesis and generally Shriner's is an orthopedic hospital, but recently they have started expanding to a few different things like plastic surgery stuff such as clef lip/pallet thing etc. We asked about Israel's tongue issue and they said they would have to check because it wasn't a normal thing they covered...and guess what? God just reached down and worked every little detail out for us!

Praise #1: Israel's plastic surgeon from Doernbecher's works at Shriners twice a month!

Praise #2: They said that she is way backed up on appointments just to see her. They called me the same week and said she could see him next week!

Praise #3: After seeing the doctor, she said they could approve the surgery there! However her wait list for surgery was 9 months out! But they would put him on the wait list and could possibly get him seen in 3-6 months.

Praise #4: I received a letter in the mail the next week saying they could get his surgery done in less than a month and gave us our surgery date!

Praise #5: Because it is all being done at Shriner's...we don't have to deal with any insurance stuff!!!

HOORAY! Praise be to God for working out every little detail! We may never fully know why it didn't work out with the insurance or why we weren't supposed to have it done at Doernbecher's, but we can rest fully in knowing that our God knows why and what is best for Israel and that is all that matters!

Some details for all of my prayer warriors out there...Israel's surgery is scheduled for THIS FRIDAY...3/26/10 at 8:00am. We will have the laptop with us and update as frequently as possible.


"Tarry Home" said...

God is so good to take care of all the details of our lives. Pray sugery goes well and that you will know God's peace!

Anonymous said...

What a PRAISE & BLESSING. Our God is GOOD!
Praying in Missouri

littlecbsmom said...

It seems so evident that God has led you all there for this surgery! I am thrilled that the timing is working out and pray that you find peace and comfort in His plan! I'm praying for Shriner's, for Israel and for you my friend;)