Friday, March 26, 2010

Quick Update!

It seems I only have a few minutes here and there, so I figured better to post at least a small update than nothing at all.

Israel went in for his tongue surgery this morning. Everything went well and as expected. Israel is with us now recovering. Having a very hard time coming off the drugs and anesthesia. Very fussy and confused. He goes in and our of awareness...meaning he will be calm and fine for a new minutes and than totally crying the next for no apparent reason. He is currently drinking his first bottle since 8:00pm last night and enjoying it...even though it's only watered down apple juice. He is liking being in Mommy and Daddy's arms wrapped in his blankie. Israel is doing so well they might even send us home today! What a blessing that would be!

(Pre-Surgery Picture...I love the gown!)

I will post a bigger update with more details later on as I have more time. Thank you for all your prayers! We could feel them this morning!

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