Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Fun!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Israel's first birthday. It is still hard to believe he is 1 already! We did a little celebration on the actual day with just us. We gave him a few gifts and a frosted cupcake. He loved it! A few days later we had a party for him with all of our family and some of his favorite people :-) Unfortunately Israel accidentally got woken up from his brother too early from his "before party nap" so he was quite out of sorts. He is usually the happiest baby and he was scowling at everyone and wouldn't let much of anyone hold him...even some of his favorites! Bummer! But I guess that's how the song goes isn't it? "It' my party, and I'll cry if I want to" :-) None the less, it was a great time celebrating the life of our precious miracle! We are so blessed with such wonderful friends and family who love Israel so much! Here are some pictures from our celebrations.

Israel LOVED his cake!

Happy Messy Boy!

The cake I made for his birthday
(I can't seem to get this to flip the right way when I upload it, so at least you can get the idea)

Izzy's personal cake


Renee's Norwex Shoppe said...

What a sweetie! Praying Friday goes well.

Uriah and Michaela King said...

You have the sweetest little prince and he just melts my heart with that adorable smile!! What a gift!!!