Monday, October 22, 2012

Update on Izzy


*Flash update...we are home and no surgery was needed!*

I was having major Internet issues at the hospital and I truly didn't have the time or energy to work around it. It was all I could do to even post a small Facebook update...and even that was challenging at times! Below I have added my Facebook updates for those who would like the details and play-by-play on our hospital stay.

Thursday morning - Izzy update #2: They have taken him back for sedation, MRI and PICC line. I probably won't hear from them for a few hours. Please be praying they can get his IV in quickly and easily (they were unable to get one in last night), that the MRI comes back with good results, and that they are able to place a PICC line with no problems. I will update as I know more. (Please know I love hearing from you! It lifts my heart and reminds me how many people we have loving and praying for us. Helps me to not feel alone (Jon is working today). If I don't respond please know its only because I don't have the time or energy. Love you all!)

Thursday afternoon - Back in our room, trying to come out of sedation still. MRI went well and the results are looking positive! PICC line was placed on the first try! We just ordered lunch and are watching movies. Thank you for the continued love and prayers!

Thursday evening - Izzy update #3: (I have been trying to post this for HOURS, having major Internet issues!) Whew…what a long and exhausting day…but I have GOOD NEWS!!! The MRI came back and it looks good. NO surgery is needed. HUGE PRAISE! Thank you everyone for your prayers! His labs and MRI showed infected fluid in his knee, but not nearly as bad as last time. No infection in the bone. Another HUGE PRAISE! Because of these things they are feeling hopeful that going back on IV antibiotics will be a great option for him. They are wanting us to plan on doing them for 6 weeks and following up weekly with a home health nurse as well as bi-weekly at Doernbecher’s. And…we get to go home tomorrow!!!

Thursday - How wonderful to have visitors...especially these ones! Auntie MoMo and HayHay came to see us! Izzy loved seeing them and playing together.

Thursday - BEST Izzy quote of the day "Mommy, I'm proud of you." What a sweet boy I have. :-) I love watching his personality and character developing. Even through hard times like these he is being made into the little boy God designed him to become.

Thursday 9:00pm - Goodnight world...we have a big "No Vitals at Night" sign on the door and we plan to sleep peacefully (well as much as we can in a hospital). Can't wait to go home tomorrow!!!

Friday 11:30am - And we are out of here!!!! A more detailed update will come later.

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Sharon K said...

So glad to read about the answer to our prayers. We have been praying. Thank you for persevering with a blog update. We don't do facebook, so this update was appreciated.