Saturday, December 22, 2012

Family Update

So maybe I should just shoot for posting on my blog once a month? Ugh...I can't believe it's been exactly 2 months since my last post. AND I left you all hanging with Izzy's health! I'm very sorry about that. Honestly I forget I'm not Facebook friends with everyone sometimes! I update that all the time. A lot has happened since October 22 when I last here is our November & December in review for you :-)

Izzy's health is GREAT! We got the PICC line taken out on November 1st, after having it for 6 weeks. It was a long and exhausting six weeks of meds and appointments. I am again reminded of how blessed we are to own our own business and homeschool our children as we go through trial such as this. In those 6 weeks there were many times when we need time off work and days just to rest...and because we are completely in control of our schedule we can! I am VERY thankful for that! It was just one less stress to worry about. It has now been 6 weeks without the PICC line and/or meds and Izzy continues to be healthy. He is back to his normal self and mobility is no exception. :-) We are all thankful for your thoughts and prayers during that trying time.

On November 3rd we left for a 10 day road trip to Disneyland!!! A much anticipated trip for our whole family! (And praise God that Izzy was healthy before we left!). Our time was magical in every way. We packed so many memories into our 5 days at Disneyland & California Adventure that will always live in our hearts. Watching all three of our children so full of excitement and joy was unmeasurable! Izzy loved Cars Land, Rachel loved the Princesses, Jaxon loved Star Tours! Really there wasn't anything we didn't love :-) We feel very blessed to have been able to take this special trip together.

 Thanksgiving was a beautiful day. We hosted it at our house and enjoyed a relaxing day with treasured family members. Although we missed those who live in other states!

 Rachel has started taking dance lessons this year and absolutely loves it! We found her passion for sure! She is taking Hip Hop :-) She started out in level 1 with NO dance experience, and after 3 months was moved up to lever 2 because she is doing so well. On December 1st she had her first performance, The Snowman's Dance. It was a beautiful program and she did awesome. Loved every minute of being on stage!

Christmas Events:
The day after Thanksgiving we set up and decorated the tree and house for Christmas. Much to everyones disapproval (except mine) we got an artificial tree this year. SO much less hassle, and it looks beautiful. All three kiddos also got their own tiny trees to put their own ornaments on :-) As well as decorations for their rooms.

As we do every year, we went with my sister and her girls to visit Santa. This is always such a magical time of year and I love watching my children experience childhood fantasies. I know too quickly they will grow up and no longer want to do things like this, so I cherish every moment of it.

Rachel and I had our second annual baking day together! Such a blessing to have a daughter and make memories like these. We spend the whole day making sugar cookies, cake & brownie pops, white chocolate peppermint fudge, and marshmallow gingerbread men. SO much fun!

We celebrated Christmas with Jon's family early this year as they will be traveling to visit family in Indiana & Ohio. At first I wasn't sure I would like it being so early before Christmas, but actually it was wonderful! It has helped to spread out the holiday and gift opening! Giving the kids (and us) more of an opportunity to enjoy each event instead of feeling like we are rushing onto the next one.

I have so many more things I want to write I will try hard to start blogging more regularly again. Thanks for sticking with me and understanding that life happens and blogging often doesn't.

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Sharon k said...

Loved your update; I check here frequently as I am not on facebook. So good to see answered prayer for Izzy and beyond.