Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Israel Post Surgery Update

(Again...updates from my Facebook page.)
Update #11 Today has been a very good day, but also very long. Izzy was able to get his splint and drain line removed (and it wasn't painful...huge praise!) We have found a good pain management system to keep him feeling good (another praise). He is eating and drinking pretty normally (Praise). Jon took today and tomorrow off work to be here with us (Another big praise...we love owning our own business!) We saw SO many different medical people I couldn't even begin to list them, but they were all good (praise). We still don't know what the infection is or the cause of it. Nothing is showing up on the labs, which is why we are still here. We are PRAYING they find out tomorrow so we can go home, if not we will stay another night. We played a LOT in the playroom...Izzy loves it in there...and we also watched a few movies. Plus...we had visitors! So wonderful to see familiar faces and talk with people we know. Thank you Kimella & Bryan,  Leyla & Ari, Sue (Nana), Don (Papa), Jesse, Rachel & Jaxon for coming today and for all the lovely treats you brought us. We are blessed! Lots of praises in todays post...thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

Lots of sleeping for this little sweetie!

Skyping with Sissy & Bubba sure did help!

Izzy & Daddy time

 Mommy & Izzy were best friends through all of this!

HOORAY for finally getting outside! We missed those smiles!
Playing in the hallway with Daddy! More smiles!

Update #12 WE ARE GOING HOME TODAY!!!!! (most likely this afternoon) We are just a "little" excited about it! We will meet with the doctors again today and learn everything we need to do/expect and get the last of the details from the lab results etc. We will be going home with the PICC line in and we will administer the IV antibiotics every 8 hours for the next three weeks. After that we will come back for follow up appointments. Thank you again, truly...thank you for everything you have done for us through all of this. It doesn't matter if you have come and visited, sent messages, texts, calls, said prayers or whatever...we are thankful! It has made such a difference for us. Much love to all of you!

"I'm going home and this is how excited I am about it"

Update #13 We are HOME! We got home around 5:00 this evening after a long and uneventful day. On our way home we stopped at the home health nurse place to get all the meds and training on how to administer Izzy's IV meds. Once we were home I was struck with overwhelming exhaustion and yet there was so much to do and get done at my house. I found a balance with getting a few necessary things done and yet relaxing as well. Rachel & Jaxon are home, it was so wonderful to see them again! All the kiddos are sleeping and I have my alarm set for 1:30 am to give Izzy meds (which will take 25 minutes). Wow...what a long and unexpected 5 days we just had. We are very thankful to finally be home and cannot wait to sleep in our own beds tonight! Thank you again for all your love and support! HUGE Thank You to Nana for keeping Rachel and Jaxon for 4 days and also to my sweet friend Brandi for taking them all day today (even though she had so much of her own things going on) and spoiling/loving them very well. What a blessing to have such great friends/family in our lives. (wondering if I should stop numbering them since we are home
Update #14 We made it though our first night and full day at home. It is going to be a bit of a balancing act figuring out the scheduling of meds and getting our life to work around them. Izzy is doing well, although struggling to adjust to the fact that life isn't quite back to "normal" just yet. He can get around, but it's a lot more challenging for him and he often sadly says "I can't walk Mommy" :-( He also isn't a huge fan of sitting still for 30 minutes twice a day during his IV med time (the third one we get to do while he sleeps, so that's great!). I organized all the medical equipment and stuff that goes along with it. I also downloaded an app for my iPhone that reminds me when it's time for Izzy's meds and keeps track of everything for me! (Thank God for technology!) We were ALL catching up on sleep last night and it felt amazing! Rachel slept 12 hours, Jaxon slept 13 hours, and Izzy slept 13 1/2 hours!!! Then he took a 3 hour nap! We appreciate your continued prayers as we all adjust to this new lifestyle. Love & Blessing!

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