Thursday, April 14, 2011

Surgery Update

This is the first real moment I have had to even think about writing an update and it's 6:15pm! (By the way as soon as I wrote that sentence, literally, the nurse walked in! So much for having a few moments huh?). Here is the low down on our day...starting bright and early!

4:45am - Jon and I woke up late! Apparently we were more tired them we though and both turned off our alarm clocks. Thank God we somehow woke up before it was too late!

5:10 - We grabbed Izzy, stuck him in his carseat and headed up to Shriner's. Of course...Izzy thought it was morning and stayed awake for the whole drive. Silly boy!

6:00 - Praise the Lord for NO traffic or problems...we arrived right on time. We got all checked in and into our room Did I mention it is a BEAUTIFUL new room in the new wing of the hospital? All new state of the art everything...lovely!

7:15 - We headed up to the pre-op/post-op area where we met all the O.R. team of the doctor, the anesthesiologist and the many nurses. Izzy was given "goofy juice" just before heading up so by the time he was meeting all these new people he was quite happy and silly...and flirting with ALL of the nurses! Too funny! We went over all the basics, signed papers so on and so forth.

He was being SO funny and kept wanting to give me nose kisses...then would start cracking up, which would in turn make all of us start laughing too!

7:40 - Jon and I gave him one last kiss and watched him head off to surgery. A small piece of me was worried/sad/concerned...but honestly, a big part of me was at peace. I know it was because of all the many prayers that were being said for us. So THANK YOU for all who were praying!

8:30 we got a call from the nurse saying that surgery had begun and everything was going well. The nice thing about having a repeat surgery is that the doctor knows Izzy now and what to do differently or the same. We learned last time that Izzy has a small airway and they had a terrible time trying to intibate him (Put a breathing tube down his throat). So this time around they knew to go with a nasal intibation, and it was perfect!

9:20 - The doctor came out and met us in the waiting room and shared with us about the surgery. She was very happy with it and is expecting good results from it. She never wants to worry us so she won't even talk about future surgeries :-) She's pretty wonderful that way!

9:45 - We got a call from the nurse letting us know that Izzy was ready for us in the recovery room. We were very anxious to see and hold him again. He came out of the anesthesia much better this time around and was much more bearable. He just wanted lots of Mommy loves.

10:15 - We headed back down to our room with Izzy and began the rest of our day...trying to keep Izzy as pain free and comfortable as possible. Jon and I took turns holding, rocking and consoling him.

We are staying overnight because of what happened last time. When Izzy had this surgery a year ago they sent us home a few hours after surgery, which we thought was wonderful. We wasn't so wonderful after all. All he would do was sleep. We couldn't get him to drink anything at all for three days. We eventually had to take him to the hospital for dehydration. Have you heard the old phrase "When you know better you do better."? Well, that was the case here for sure. They were more then happy to let us stay overnight this time and keep Izzy on fluids. He is also on antibiotics because last time around he also got an infection in his mouth. So we are trying very hard to be proactive!

Right now it's 6:40 and all is calm. Izzy and Daddy are both sleeping peacefully. Praying for a good night and a fast recovery. I will try to update throughout this next week as time allows.

(PS - A BIG shout out goes to my sister Melanie and her husband Kevin for taking Rachel and Jaxon for us for 4 days so Jon and I can be together and concentrate on getting Izzy better faster! THANK YOU!!!)

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Anonymous said...

So glad that you were able to update us! Loved all the pictures :)
Praise God! I'm so thankful to the Lord, on your behalf!
<3 in Christ,
Mallory & the Devine family