Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Update!

I just realized I never posted any birthday pictures or wrote a post about it! Sorry for the delay!

Izzy's birthday and party were wonderful! He was so much fun this year! What a difference a year can make. We were remembering when he turned one and wanted nothing to do with the people or presents. This year, he was very outgoing and loved opening his gifts :-)

Israel isn't really "into" picking a theme was a bit of a challenge. I was trying to think about what things made him smile...and I remembered a recent time that we were reading books and he loved the page with monkeys on it. He kept wanting to go back to that page and saying "Ohh ohh Ahh Ahh" (Like a monkey says). So there we had our theme. I made fun monkey cupcakes with banana cupcakes and got him a monkey outfit. He loved it all.

He wasn't to sure about everyone staring at him and singing to him...he doesn't like being the center of attention.

He was determined to blow out the candle though...even if it meant loosing an eyebrow! He kept getting SO close because it wasn't going out! Finally (with a little (unknown to him) help from Daddy) he blew it out and was very excited!

He LOVED eating it...but didn't like being dirty. LOL! He would take a bite, set it down and clean off his arms. Then do it again! He was there a while trying to finish!


littlecbsmom said...

So precious! Sorry we missed it, looks like it was fun!

That cake is amazing! Incredible job!

Nnamdi, Patra, and Lilian said...

Thank you for sharing! As always, his expressions are priceless...

and PROPS on your amazing cupcake work. I'm wowed.

Love -