Thursday, December 3, 2009

8 Months Old

Hey Israel ~ You're 8 Months old!
What are you up to these days?

*It seems as though this last month has brought along big changes for you. You have grown and changed in so many ways!
*You sit all on your own...and pretty much wouldn't have it any other way these days!

*You weight 16 pounds and are 26 inches long! You have grown tons this month!
*You are enjoying exploring new foods and are willing to try just about anything. Although we learned at Thanksgiving that mashed potatoes are one of your new favorites!
*You are learning how to play with new toys and getting creative about how to adapt them to meet your needs.

*You took your first trip to the snow...which you mostly slept through!
*You have found a new love for the water and enjoy our twice a week swimming at the Kroc Center!
*Baby Einstein movies totally captivate you! If you are really into it you will watch it through the entire 30 minutes!

*Since it's winter time around here, the dogs have been spending a lot more time in the house...and you LOVE them! You get so giddy and excited every time you see them!
*The jumparoo is one of your new best friends! You can actually bounce in it and find a lot of pleasure moving around in it!
*As I say every continue to surprise and amaze us every day. You are bright and curious and you are going to continue to do amazing things. We love you precious miracle of ours!


Melanie said...

He seriously gets cuter every single day!!! :)

Gail said...

Wow guy's...I have to say, this is really one super adorable baby boy! Amazing how kids can adapt to anything!
Blessings, Gail Holmes