Thursday, December 17, 2009

Self Diagnosis

You may remember a post a few months back about Israel having a rash. He had a continual rash for over three one could figure out what it was, we saw two doctors and then a pediatric dermatologist...yet no one could find what was causing the rash. We tried multiple creams and other medicines. We even did a culture...yet no results. I was bound and determined to find the cause of this rash. So I started doing some research on my own and decided to give something a try. I took every piece of clothing Israel owned and washed it all with "ALL Free and Clear" with an extra rinse at the end. I also wash all of our families laundry and towels and such the same way. Guess what happened...the rash was almost completely gone in 3 days! I was shocked! And so thankful to have found the answer to sweet Izzy's rash! To this day it has never come back!

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Erica said...

We had that issue with our kids. Super sensitive skin. I used all Tide free from the time Col was a baby til Olivia was about 3. SO glad you figured out the cause. Rashes are no fun.