Tuesday, September 29, 2009

6 Months Old

Hey Israel, You're 6 months old! (WHAT? How did that happen??)

What are you up to these days???

Well, you are amazing, as always! You continue to show us that you are going to be just fine in this world. You are doing all of the things that every other 6 month old baby does...

Rolling...you much prefer your back, so when you are laied on your tummy and you are done with that, you simply just roll over :-) It's pretty cute!

You are trying to sit, and doing quite well might I add. Of course you still need support, but you are very strong and love to sit up!

You are now trying to put things in your mouth! You are getting quite good at using both arms together and getting objects to where you would like them to be...which is usually in your mouth!

You are still eating baby food well and are quite into it, might I add! You love both fruits and veggies. You have experienced a few tastes of other food, but you don't much care for having texture in your mouth just yet.

You are a gabbering fool! You love to just talk and talk and talk! It's so adorable, however every time I pull out the video camera to try and record those special moments...you stop! Stinker!

You still fit into your 0-3 month clothes...which I have to say I love! With Rachel and Jaxon, they both outgrew their 0-3 month closed in no time and I felt like they hardly got to wear them! But you however, are getting the full use out of yours! There are some 3-6 month things you are fitting into as well.

You now take a bottle full time (Your choice!) which has been both good and hard.

I truly cannot believe how fast time flies and that you are already 1/2 a year old! You are such a miracle and a precious gift from God. We love you so much precious little boy!



Jennifer L said...

He looks so cute with the party hat, but so confused with that half cake. My son Tristan is 10 1/2 months old and he knows exactly what to do with chocolate cake...and cries if someone is eating cake and not sharing with him.

Melanie said...

I love the pictures!! He is SO cute and the 1/2 birthday was such a great idea! :)