Monday, October 19, 2009

Physical Therapy

Early Intervention is something our family is very familiar with. Both Rachel and Jaxon were delayed in their speech and attended services to help them with this for two years. It is an amazing place, filled with amazing people who truly love these children and see them for who God created them to be, not for their outward disability. Our experiences with Rachel and Jaxon were so special that there were actually tears in my eyes as they graduated from their class and were no longer eligible for services. Which is a wonderful thing because it meant they were doing so well they didn’t need any more help! It was a truly memorable time for us and we came to have a real heart connection with a few of the people there. Well Israel’s needs are slightly different then Rachel and Jaxon’s were. But non the less, we are excited and looking forward to our relationships that will develop with the many specialists that will be a part of Israel’s journey. Right now we have a physical therapist, Judy, who comes out to our home twice a month. She is awesome! She brings new toys and great ideas to help Israel with his mobility and motor skills. She is full of great ideas and lots of information. Eventually, and as Israel’s needs arise, he will also see a occupational therapist and a speech therapist. But for now, motor skills are our biggest concern for him. He has been doing GREAT and appears to be a very quick learner! He is bilateral, meaning he uses both arms to do things, as opposed to a child who has a hand and can simply use their fingers to pick something up. He can hold toys, pick up toys, and even hold a wagon wheel (An infant teething wafer/cookie thing) of which he loves! He also used his right arm dominantly as it is longer and easier for him to function. I continue to be amazed at how adaptive he is, literally using his arm as a hand and picking things up and hooking things around his arm! We are so proud of him and so thankful that God has made him such a little smarty pants!

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Melanie said...

He is so amazing! I am so proud of him and love him sooo much! :)