Monday, September 14, 2009

FIRST Hair Cut

I love the first few years of a baby's life, because it is filled with SO many firsts. The little things that after a while no longer become very significant and we just associate with normal everyday life. But I love being able to document all the little firsts of my kiddos life and save them in their baby book to later look at and remember how exciting it was at that time.

Israel just had his FIRST HAIR CUT! Crazy that a baby who isn't even 6 months old yet would already need a hair cut huh? Well he is pretty much just following in his brothers footsteps. Jaxon had his first cut when he was 8 months...but Rachel on the other hand, poor little bald baby, didn't get hers done until she was 3!

Israel did as well as could be expected. He was very interested in looking at me and the scissors and not holding still. But between me, Jon, Rachel, Jaxon, a bottle, the tv and some toys (Not to mention well over 30 minutes!) we finally accomplished our goal. And he looks adorable...and a bit to much like a big boy for my liking! We only did a trim (About an inch off all around) which still allowed us to leave some "poof" on top and curls and such. And notice how light and "red" it is becoming too! Izzy has an uncle with red hair and a cousin with strawberry who knows what his will become :-) I love it though!


Renee Potloff said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Tammy Finch-Johnson said...

What an adorable little guy!