Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hope for the future

We had a doctors appointment at Shriner's Hospital last week and to be honest...I was a little nervous to go. Doctors appointments so far haven't been my most favorite thing to do with Israel. I am tired of hearing all of the negative things they have to say about how it will be a "long road" and how his "disability" will effect him etc. Not to mention the shocked looks I get(even from professional doctors). Honestly...I don't think of him as being "disabled" at all. When I look at him all I see is perfection! God created him this way on purpose and God has really given me "HIS" eyes to see just how perfect Israel really is. Truly when I see him all I feel is perfection, love, joy and overwhelming peace. He is an amazing baby and I plan to raise him as a "normal" child just as I have been raising Rachel and Jaxon. The only difference is he might have some prosthetics along the way. But I don't see any reason he won't be able to do all the things "normal" children do. He might just do them differently.

Anyway...Some appointments Jon has been able to go with me, others I have had my sister, and sometimes I have had to go by myself. Going by myself is always the hardest. I don't have a "support person" to walk with me through it. And this appointment to Shriner's I had to go alone. Israel and I got there and there was immediately a peace about the whole thing. For the first time in a public place I felt "normal" and not as though people were staring. It was amazing! The receptionist, nurses, doctors...everyone was amazing! They deal with precious children every day and see them for who they really are and not for their "disability" and that really shows. We saw a total of 7 different people anywhere from nurses, doctors, case workers, prosthetics specialist and the list goes on.

I was given lots of hope for the future for Israel and told all of the MANY things he will be able to do as he grows and develops (As opposed to what he won't be able to do). I felt so at peace being there and knew how loved Israel was by these complete strangers. It was an amazing experience and I am so thankful for this fabulous hospital that will be a big part of our lives. But I haven't even told you the best part yet...Shriner's is a 100% free hospital! PRAISE THE LORD! Israel will be able to go there until he is 21 years old and during those 21 years any and everything that he needs done for him in the way of his arms and legs will be completely free to us! No matter what the need is (Regarding his arms and legs only), there is nothing they won't cover! WOW! Thank you Jesus! A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing I won't have to pay for any prosthetics, surgeries etc. that he will need along the way. I won't have to spend my time and energy worrying about how we are going to be able to afford these future medical expenses, I will just get to spend my time and energy loving and raising my precious little boy.

As all of this is a huge praise and I give all the glory to God! However, I would also ask for prayer for two items we have applied for which would also help with other future medical expenses we might incur that Shriner's wouldn't cover. You see, Shriner's will only cover the cost for anything he needs regarding his arms, legs, hands and feet. They will not cover anything else that might come up, like issues with his jaw, teeth etc. We have applied for SSI (Supplementary Security Insurance) as well as Medicaid. These are both still being processed and we pray we will get accepted for both of them. Along with those, please also be praying for us regarding the current medical expenses we have that were incurred during my pregnancy (the tons of doctors apts and ultrasound apts), my labor/delivery, and Israel's stay in the hospital. We need God to come through in a HUGE way for us to be able to get these items paid off.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and love. Know we love you all and pray for you often.


Anonymous said...

He IS perfect and I love him more than I could ever describe. I am praying for you guys and I love you so very much.

Love, Auntie Melanie :)

Erica said...

He is absolutely PERFECT! Don't ever let anyone tell you different. I know the looks are annoying but its with anything, believe me. We get it a lot because of our family structure. You'll learn to just blow it off....people can just be cruel. Praying for you, praying for Izzy, love to you all.

Harmony said...

I truly rejoice with this blog post!

Jenna said...

He will continue to amaze you everyday. What an incredible little boy you have!

Sharon de Laveaga said...

Becca, I love your perspective on raising Israel as normally as possible. I would love to accompany you on a doctor's vist this summer when I have more time available. So add me to your list of possible support people, OK?

I'll get back in touch after June 19.

Hugs to Rachel and Jaxon!

Sharon de L