Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quick Update

As most of you know we had our doctor appointment yesterday. I have been receiving many e-mails and phone calls wanting to know how it went. I will post a bigger blog with more details at a later date, but just a short update for now.

Our appointment went very well. The ultrasound tech was wonderful once again and we got to watch little Israel for about 45 minutes. He is a very busy boy and wasn't interested in her poking him this time, he kept kicking her when she pushed on him. It was pretty funny to watch. The ultrasound showed he is just the same as before. All limbs and his chin are in the same formation as they were at the previous ultrasound. Everything else looks wonderful. He has a strong heart and his brain and all other organs look great. My placenta is still where it should be and there should be no reason to worry about it.

We met with our new doctor and he is absolutely a God send! We felt so safe and comfortable with him. He was just amazingly supportive and encouraging and gave us a lot of hope. We are so thankful for him! Turns out he has a son who is now 32 years old and was born with almost exactly the same abnormalities that Israel currently has (We did not know this before meeting with him). So not only did he have "Head Knowledge" to share but he also had "Heart Knowledge" too. God obviously orchestrated this whole thing!

We continue to hold fast to the promises of God and lean on Him for our strength and support. He is our Rock and our Safe place. Thank you for all who have been praying and continue to pray for our little Israel and our family too. Our next doctor appointment will be at the beginning of January. Love to all of you.


Melanie said...

I just wanted to remind you that I love you SOOOOO much & that I am here any time of any day...seriously. I am so proud of you!
Love, your sis

Erica said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I am SO happy to hear this little update. Excited to see what God has in store for your little man and your whole family.

Jesse, Shari , and Hank said...

isn't that cool that so many people are right here with you in this journey? :D
and i'm so happy that you have the new makes a world of a difference! lots of love, shari