Wednesday, December 10, 2008


WOW! My counter always shocks me when I look at it...101 Days before my due date! WOW! I knew that date was going to sneak up on me, and it has! 101 days could very literally mean only 71 days! Both Rachel and Jaxon were born 4 weeks I am trying to be prepared in case that happens with Israel. 71 days is hardly more than 2 months! Am I ready??? I'm trying to be! I am a very "Prepared" person when it comes to most things in life. I like to have everything ready and organized way ahead of time. I have some things for Israel...but sheesh...I'm not sure I am ready for a baby in 2 months! Yikes...I better get shopping! There are so many things you need when it comes to a baby. And since I had gotten rid of everything from my babies before, it's like starting all over again! I have purchased most of the big stuff I need thanks to an amazing thing called "CraigsList"...a stroller, car seat, crib, dresser...I even have some clothes and blankets, but that's about all. Ok, guess I better start thinking about all I need and making out a list.


Hosmerita said...

I was given your blig address by Grace Welliver, and I am assuming that you live in Salem.
I have a changing table that is done serving its purpose for our family.
Let me know if you would like it. You can comment on my blog, and I will get back to you!

Melanie said...

Yay!!!! I can't wait to hold my precious nephew!!!
Love, Auntie Melanie

Jesse, Shari , and Hank said...

isn't it crazy how time sneaks up on you like that? one minute you're thinking "i feel like i'll be pregnant forever" and then all of the sudden your in the labor room before you know it! :)

Grace said...

Hey darlin. This is our last child and we are pretty sure it's a girl. I am getting rid of all my boy stuff and going through toys, blankets, clothes, shoes, etc. I have some pretty cute outfits and some that are brand new waiting for a precious boy to wear them. I have sizes 0-2T I'm getting rid of.

Since we just moved, I haven't had a chance to go through all of them yet, but you are more than welcome to come over and go through it. Take what you want and I'll go from there. We were given most of Jordan's clothes as hand-me-downs, so only a handful of it is really cute or newer, but I have shoes, blankets, etc. that are great.

Kim is a wonderful lady from my MOPS group and very giving. I was surprised when I saw her comment because I wasn't sure if anyone had checked out your blog or story when I posted it to our leadership team and MOPS group. It's wonderful to know that others are following your journey as well. You can email me if you want about this post.

Angela said...

Wow, that's coming soon! I'm like you in so many ways...I like to be prepared, too! How are you holding up? I know God is surely carrying you through...we are praying for you and Baby Israel!