Monday, April 1, 2013


When I was pregnant and we found out that Israel was going to be a little different then our other children, I could have never imagined ALL of the opportunities that would come our way, just because of him! We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams at all the amazing people we have met and opportunities that have presented themselves for Israel and our family. Most recently we were able to take Izzy skiing! Thanks to Oregon Adaptive Sports they hosted a FREE event at the mountains and Izzy got to go on a sit-ski for the first time. There was an instructor and a spotter who both came and volunteered their time just for us! Jon went skiing with Izzy also so he could be a part of the excitement. He was able to take lots of pictures and videos and capture this very special time. Izzy LOVED skiing...but didn't love how long the chair lift was...of which I can totally relate with! He was all smiles the whole way down, loved going fast and over "jumps" :-) His only complaint..."My cheeks are cold." Yet he refused to use the face guard/warmer we had for him. Silly boy! We certainly will be at this event again next year. Thank you again OAS for this awesome opportunity for my little boy to go skiing. You are a blessing.

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