Friday, March 29, 2013

Israel David - 4 Years Old!

On March 18, 2013 Israel turned 4 years old! Honestly...I did the math a few times making sure this was right. I really could NOT believe this amazing little blessing has already been in my life for 4 years. How is that possible? As I sit here trying to write this blog I find myself at a loss. Not a loss for words, but rather quite the opposite. I have so much I could say, so much I want to say, I'm overwhelmed with love and blessings for this precious little one who God blessed me can I possibly put it all into one little blog entry and do justice to the love in my heart?! So I thought I would try something a little different this time :-)

I - Incredible: Seriously I couldn't have started with a better word to describe this little boy. Israel is so incredible in so many ways. His ability to overcome challenges is incredible to me!

S - Sweet: Oh man, this one is perfect. Israel is SO sweet, and he has the ability to melt my heart over and over again. His precious looks, sweet smile, loving eyes, accepting heart...yup he is super sweet!

R - Real: With Israel, what you see is what you get! He doesn't try to pretend he is anyone other then exactly who he is. He doesn't hide his differences or shy away because of them.

A - Amazing: Israel never ceases to amaze me...on a daily basis too! His skills, tricks, talents, perseverance, patience and love amaze and inspire me all the time.

E - Enthusiastic: Israel has such a love for life! He intends to live life to the fullest and do it with all of his heart and soul. He is enthusiastic about so many things, and it's contagious!

L - Loving: Awe yes, Israel is so very loving. He loves from such a deep place in his heart that is astounding. He cares about his friends and family and loves them so much. I wish more people could love like he does!

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY Precious Israel.

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