Monday, October 22, 2012

Update on Izzy


*Flash update...we are home and no surgery was needed!*

I was having major Internet issues at the hospital and I truly didn't have the time or energy to work around it. It was all I could do to even post a small Facebook update...and even that was challenging at times! Below I have added my Facebook updates for those who would like the details and play-by-play on our hospital stay.

Thursday morning - Izzy update #2: They have taken him back for sedation, MRI and PICC line. I probably won't hear from them for a few hours. Please be praying they can get his IV in quickly and easily (they were unable to get one in last night), that the MRI comes back with good results, and that they are able to place a PICC line with no problems. I will update as I know more. (Please know I love hearing from you! It lifts my heart and reminds me how many people we have loving and praying for us. Helps me to not feel alone (Jon is working today). If I don't respond please know its only because I don't have the time or energy. Love you all!)

Thursday afternoon - Back in our room, trying to come out of sedation still. MRI went well and the results are looking positive! PICC line was placed on the first try! We just ordered lunch and are watching movies. Thank you for the continued love and prayers!

Thursday evening - Izzy update #3: (I have been trying to post this for HOURS, having major Internet issues!) Whew…what a long and exhausting day…but I have GOOD NEWS!!! The MRI came back and it looks good. NO surgery is needed. HUGE PRAISE! Thank you everyone for your prayers! His labs and MRI showed infected fluid in his knee, but not nearly as bad as last time. No infection in the bone. Another HUGE PRAISE! Because of these things they are feeling hopeful that going back on IV antibiotics will be a great option for him. They are wanting us to plan on doing them for 6 weeks and following up weekly with a home health nurse as well as bi-weekly at Doernbecher’s. And…we get to go home tomorrow!!!

Thursday - How wonderful to have visitors...especially these ones! Auntie MoMo and HayHay came to see us! Izzy loved seeing them and playing together.

Thursday - BEST Izzy quote of the day "Mommy, I'm proud of you." What a sweet boy I have. :-) I love watching his personality and character developing. Even through hard times like these he is being made into the little boy God designed him to become.

Thursday 9:00pm - Goodnight world...we have a big "No Vitals at Night" sign on the door and we plan to sleep peacefully (well as much as we can in a hospital). Can't wait to go home tomorrow!!!

Friday 11:30am - And we are out of here!!!! A more detailed update will come later.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back at the Hospital :-(

*The first two paragraphs were from Facebook posts earlier today...the last one is brand new details.*

(Facebook post from 6:00 am) PLEASE PRAY for Izzy! Last night as I was putting him to bed I noticed his incision site looked a little red and his knee felt warm (like it did when this all started!). I tried not to freak out and put him to bed. He woke up around 5am crying because of pain in his knee...he hasn't done this since surgery. Obviously something is very wrong. I called and talked to a doc at Doernbecher's and we decided I would take him to see our pediatrician first thing today, and then most likely head up to Doernbecher's and be admitted to the hospital. She is thinking he will need a new PICC line put in and do IV meds again. Clearly his body didn't like the switch to oral meds and this is how it is letting us know. I am very sad and scared. What we went through was so traumatic and I can't imagine doing it again. We were supposed to be done with meds this Friday and the countdown had begun. Please be praying for this situation. Thank you friends!

(Facebook post from 10:30 am) Here we go again with the Izzy Updates...sad! We are on our way to Doernbechers to be admitted. They are going to do an MRI of his knee, draw fluid from it, place a new PICC line and do labs. I was told to pack our bags and plan to stay a while. Not sure exactly how long that is...but I'm sure I will learn soon enough. Depending on what the MRI shows they may have to do another surgery. They are thinking the bone is now infected :-( thanks for all the love and support!

(New update on to my blog at 9:30 pm) Izzy update #1: (Lol…not sure what to number the updates so I decided to just start over at 1. Also I had a big update written when I finally had a few minutes and the computer froze and I lost it. So, sorry for the delay) We finally got in a room around 4:00 (After waiting 4 hours). We met with tons of doctor people as usual and got a plan in place. They gave him a shot of antibiotics that they warned me was slow and painful. At that time they also drew fluid from his knee for testing. Both of these were awful as he was fully awake and aware and without pain meds. I cried right along with him. It took about 30 minutes to get him to calm down and relax afterwards. I insisted on strong pain meds at that point and they gave us Tylenol. I’m still fighting them to give us something stronger but they won’t! Now they are going to put an IV in his head and draw blood and start fluids, antibiotics and other things. Once they know more from the labs they will decide if they are doing surgery tonight or tomorrow and to what extent. They will also know if the infection has indeed reached his bone or just still in the joint. Tomorrow they will sedate him and put in a PICC line and do an MRI. I have been by myself all day and I’m not doing very well and struggling to keep it together. I broke down with Izzy and we both cried in each other’s arms. I was sobbing and telling him how much I love him and how proud I am of him and such things. After a bit he looked at me, held my face and said “Mommy, be brave.” Oh my heart! I told him I would be brave for him if he would be brave for me. I called Jon and told him I can’t do this alone. He is here now and with Izzy as he is getting the IV put in. I am in the quiet lobby trying to relax my busy mind and still my anxious heart. Trusting that God has it all under control…even though I feel so very out of control with it all right now. I will keep you posted as I can…but haven’t had more than a minute or two to stop and do much of anything else.