Friday, June 22, 2012

Pacific Northwest Nub Club

I recently joined our first group for kids with limb differences and their families. This has been something I have longed for since Izzy was born, but just never knew of one. I have wanted parents to connect with and be a support system for one another. And for Izzy to be around other kiddos like him. We had our first get together a few months back and it was wonderful. I met some lovely families and sweet children. We enjoyed a trip to the zoo, the park, and dinner. I really look forward to getting to know these great families and their beautiful children more!

Izzy and his new buddy Bryce.

Enjoying cupcakes together.

Izzy wanted to do everything with Bryce!

Izzy loved the swings...he is telling me he is going as big as the trees!

Our group ~ Day 1

Our group ~ Day 2


chavafor4 said...

Would love to hear more about your club and where you meet. Thanks Jenne chavafor4 at yahoo com

chelseah cotnam said...

My daughter has a limb difference as well and we would love to find out more about the club too. I love your blog it is really inspiring and your son is amazing. Thanks