Monday, November 7, 2011

State Fair

The Oregon State Fair is a long time tradition for my family. It's how we know summer has come to an end and the school year is just around the corner. We go every year and spend an entire day (13 hours to be exact!). We do it all from rides, to shows, to animals, and of course food! Recently we have started going with my sister's family which has been wonderful. This year Izzy was tall enough to go on one ride, the Canoe Ride, and he loved it! His big cousin Callie held him and it was super cute. Jaxon and Rachel enjoyed lots of thrill rides as they are tall enough for everything now.

First fair ride!

All time favorite ride at the fair...The Zipper

Izzy LOVES animals!

Jaxon got asked up on stage  to do a little break dancing competition! He was SUPER excited and did awesome!

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Bob H said...

Such fun. And the Zipper was "my RIDE!!!" Had an operator once who gave my brother and I a treat since there weren't too many people on. He knew how to manipulate the timing. We did 30+ flips in a row in one direction followed by 20+ in the other followed by 20+ back the other way. Awesome ride!