Friday, October 28, 2011


We live only an hour away from the beach so we go often! Unfortunately our beach isn't usually warm and sunny. Its usually cold and windy. We wear winter coats and if we are brave enough we dip our toes in the water. But never the less...its our beach and we love going. This wear we decided to try clamming! We decided to go on a guided tour and were quite excited as we have never done anything like this before. My parents were joining us as well. We got up early and were there all ready to go, only to find our that the tour guide was sick and we had NO guide for the day! We made the best out of it and borrowed the items and used our iPhones to learn how to clam! LOL! It was a funny site I'm sure for anyone who knew that they were doing, but we didn't care! We went and had a blast! We mostly only caught small ghost shrimp (not edible) and a few tiny clams.

And since we were at the beach we made a whole day out of it; lunch at Mo's, lots of GeoCaching, Playing in the sand, The Wax Museum, and The Undersea Gardens too. Our day was full of laughs and smiles and fun memories. We hope to go back again on the tour some day. But for are some pictures.


Jon and my Dad...oh my!

Rachel & Gramma

He loves the sand

We made it in time for the show!

Truly NEVER a dull moment!

Our family with my parents Jeff & Mary

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