Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still want to help?

I have received some emails asking if there was anything else I might need donations for because they hadn't had a chance to donate yet but wanted to and our goal had already been reached! (You people are AMAZING!) So I got to thinking about how it might be a good idea to have a "Back-Up Plan"...for those unexpected expenses that so easily come up. I called and left a message about the Baby Walk and the exact cost. I haven't heard back yet. The average cost it $2000, however depending on the "extras" it could be more. I haven't heard back yet. Additionally, we are still paying on medical bills from when I was pregnant with him and ALL of the many doctors appointments, ultrasounds, tests, birth, hospital stay etc. What a blessing it would be to pay this off! And thinking about "down the road" when Izzy will need a wheelchair or powerchair or whatever else he needs. So I have set up a new PayPal donation link for "Izzy's Back-Up Plan" If you feel led to donate, we would be so blessed. The money will stay in his account until there is a medical need that comes up. (Don't worry...I won't use it for Starbucks...although the thought of a Starbucks Fund sure sounds!)

Thank You again, to everyone who has already donated!

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Christy said...

Seriously everyone DOES need a Starbucks fund. :) If I'm ever up your way it's on me. :) So glad more funds are rolling in and I think the back up plan is a great idea.