Tuesday, September 29, 2009

6 Months Old

Hey Israel, You're 6 months old! (WHAT? How did that happen??)

What are you up to these days???

Well, you are amazing, as always! You continue to show us that you are going to be just fine in this world. You are doing all of the things that every other 6 month old baby does...

Rolling...you much prefer your back, so when you are laied on your tummy and you are done with that, you simply just roll over :-) It's pretty cute!

You are trying to sit, and doing quite well might I add. Of course you still need support, but you are very strong and love to sit up!

You are now trying to put things in your mouth! You are getting quite good at using both arms together and getting objects to where you would like them to be...which is usually in your mouth!

You are still eating baby food well and are quite into it, might I add! You love both fruits and veggies. You have experienced a few tastes of other food, but you don't much care for having texture in your mouth just yet.

You are a gabbering fool! You love to just talk and talk and talk! It's so adorable, however every time I pull out the video camera to try and record those special moments...you stop! Stinker!

You still fit into your 0-3 month clothes...which I have to say I love! With Rachel and Jaxon, they both outgrew their 0-3 month closed in no time and I felt like they hardly got to wear them! But you however, are getting the full use out of yours! There are some 3-6 month things you are fitting into as well.

You now take a bottle full time (Your choice!) which has been both good and hard.

I truly cannot believe how fast time flies and that you are already 1/2 a year old! You are such a miracle and a precious gift from God. We love you so much precious little boy!


Ok, so maybe I lied...

In my last post I said I was going to start writing more...and it's been nearly 2 weeks now and i am finally sitting down to write again. Life has been a bit crazy around here! My dear friend Karen and I took over the Children's Ministry at our church and have been spending tons of time revamping the whole program. Between that, school, business and just life...I haven't made blogging time a big priority lately. I do have lots to say and new things to share about Israel with you all, so I will try to get those posts coming as soon as I can. And in the meantime, thanks for your grace while I live my busy life :-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here are a few pictures I took of our latest trip to Shriner's. I try very hard to document my children's life through pictures, so even taking pictures of things that may not seem very significant at the time, matters to me. So here are a few to share with you :-)

Just hanging out with Dad...waiting for the next doctor.

Izzy loves looking at lights...and the ones at Shriner's have the coolest cloud covers on them!

Monday, September 14, 2009

FIRST Hair Cut

I love the first few years of a baby's life, because it is filled with SO many firsts. The little things that after a while no longer become very significant and we just associate with normal everyday life. But I love being able to document all the little firsts of my kiddos life and save them in their baby book to later look at and remember how exciting it was at that time.

Israel just had his FIRST HAIR CUT! Crazy that a baby who isn't even 6 months old yet would already need a hair cut huh? Well he is pretty much just following in his brothers footsteps. Jaxon had his first cut when he was 8 months...but Rachel on the other hand, poor little bald baby, didn't get hers done until she was 3!

Israel did as well as could be expected. He was very interested in looking at me and the scissors and not holding still. But between me, Jon, Rachel, Jaxon, a bottle, the tv and some toys (Not to mention well over 30 minutes!) we finally accomplished our goal. And he looks adorable...and a bit to much like a big boy for my liking! We only did a trim (About an inch off all around) which still allowed us to leave some "poof" on top and curls and such. And notice how light and "red" it is becoming too! Izzy has an uncle with red hair and a cousin with strawberry blond...so who knows what his will become :-) I love it though!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Catching Up...a little update and such

Ok, so I am sorry for being such a bad blogger! This summer has been amazing and we have been so busy that I rarely took the time to actually sit down and blog! So for all of my faithful followers, sorry about that. But now that summer is over and we will be getting back on a more normal routine I hope to start blogging regularly again.

We had an appointment at Shriners yesterday and it went great. They don't want to do any prosthesis right now since he is doing so well with what he has! We will go back at 10 months old and reassess then.

Israel continues to amaze us with all of his abilities! He rolls around, plays with toys with his legs and arms as well as holds toys with his arms and hold his own bottle. He seems to be a very determined little guy and I don't think anything is going to hold him back. I thank God for the "go-getter" personality he has placed in Izzy. I think this personality trait will take him far in life!
He babbles, and laughs and smiles all the time!

We took Israel to the State Fair (Twice!) and he did great. He loves all the lights and sounds and fast moving things. He had his first take of a lemonade and of a milkshake (thanks to Daddy) and thought they were pretty amazing!

I still have no idea how time goes by so fast and how they just grow right before our very eyes, but I am trying hard to remember everything I can and enjoy each moment with my precious baby.