Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The BIG reveal is yet to come…

We had another ultrasound and doctor appointment today. It showed that Israel is still developing the same as he has been thus far. He is growing very well and is now about 4 pounds! And he is still breech with his head tucked nicely against and sometimes under my ribs! This was the first ultrasound that showed he has some hair and that was fun to see! He has little peach fuzz all over his head. The tech was able to get some great pictures of his face straight on and his adorable cheeks and button nose…he is SO cute!

I always seem to have mixed feelings on these days. Part of me is super excited and hopeful…the other part of me gets a bit nervous and anxious. Which is why it is wonderful that God gave me Jon. He is my strength when mine gets low. He is my encourager and reminder of the promises that God has given us. He always has something very insightful that I need to hear. This is what is was today.
“I think that the reason we aren’t seeing any changes when go into these appointments is because then it will be just that much more evident that God was the one who healed him and that there was no way it could just have been something that was “overlooked” or “missed”. This way we will have months of proof that Israel did have absent hands and feet. It will be said on every medical report and every ultrasound (Which have been done by a different tech every time!) until the day he is born. And they are sure going to be in for a shock when he is born and he is completely healed!”

I thank God all the time for giving me such a wise and Godly husband. He is my everything and I am so thankful for him. God knew exactly what he was doing when he put us together.

What Jon said is truly our belief. We believe with our whole hearts that God will complete the work he has started in Israel and that when he is born HE WILL BE HEALED! This is our belief and it is what we cling to when we have moments of doubt. We continue to read the scriptures and remember the promises of God.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement. We go back in two weeks just for an appointment, and two weeks after that for another ultrasound & appointment. We will keep the updates coming as there is any new information.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here it is...

A few of you have asked and I thought, no reason not to share it! So here it is, the quilt and bedding I made for Israel. :-) I am so excited to someday soon see my sweet little boy resting in here...only 54 days left (If I go full term!)

Also, we have another doctor appointment on Tuesday (1/27/09) ~ And as always we are believing God to continue to show himself and do a miracle in Israel's life. We thank you for all your many prayers! We will update you soon about how the appointment goes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A little quiet...

Ok, so I realize things have been a little quiet around my blog. Sorry...there just isn't much to write about and I don';t want to bore you with blogs that are just about stuff. However...I figured it was due time I wrote something on here :-) So here are a few of the things going on around here.

I have been working on Israel's nursery (AKA Jaxon's room!). It's so much harder to set things up when they have to share a room. I did however get all of his bedding finished (I made it all and I am absolutely in love with it!) and his crib set up. I also got his dresser organized with all of the clothes that have been given to me all ready (Such a huge blessing to have hand-me-downs!).

I have another ultrasound and doctors appointment on Tuesday January 27th. We are looking forward to it, as always.

My baby shower is just around the corner (January 31st) of which I am SO excited for!!! My sister is doing it and has put a ton of time and effort into it. I just know it will be amazing! I think there will be a sigh of relief from me though when it is done because then I will know what else I need to buy to get ready for Israel before he is born. I am a HUGE planner so waiting to get "Everything" I need is always so hard for me.

God is continuing to increase our faith. Our church family is amazing! They continue to bless us with prophetic words and encouragement about Israel and his healing. Reminding us God is ALWAYS in control. How blessed we are to have such warriors for God in our life!

My belly continues to get HUGE! LOL :-) I am loving it...but I feel like I grow every day! Sleeping is becoming a hassle and the bathroom is my best friend...ha ha! Israel is still breech so I have this big hard head shoved between my ribs while his legs "rest" on my bladder! :-) And I feel like I am starving...all the time! Awe, the joys of being pregnant. (I am almost 32 weeks!!! Getting close!!!)

Ok, I think that is all for now. I will be sure and post an update after our appointment to let you all know how it goes. Blessing to all of you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In HIS Timing!

We had our ultrasound and doctor appointment today. All appendages and such are still the same and growing at an acceptable rate for what they are. He is right at the 50th percentile for growth which is right where they would like him to be. He is measuring at 2 lbs 14 oz, which they say is perfect. My placenta is in a great place still and no worries about placenta previa as there were in the beginning. Israel is still breech, although the doctor continues to not be worried about it and says 95% of all breech babies flip on their own before delivery. During the ultrasound little Israel opened his mouth a few times and that was fun to watch. That was the first time we had seen him do that :-)

We continue to trust God with this precious little boy and have Faith that He is in control and that all things are done in His timing...which isn't necessarily our timing (This is a hard thing for me at times!) We hold onto the promised in the Bible and the words that God has spoken to us. We look forward to the future with anticipation of continuing to see even more just how Great the God that we serve really is. We have given this little one to Him and know that He will take care of him.

Ecclesiasties 11:5 says this
You don't know where the wind blows, and you don't know how a baby grows inside the mother. In the same way, you don't know what God is doing, or how he created everything.

Thank you Lord for your love and care for everyone of your children, including Israel. We are so blessed to serve such an awesome and mighty God. Your will be done!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Prayers for another appointment

Hi everyone. Just wanted to send out a quick update to let you all know that we have another doctor appointment scheduled for Tuesday January 6th at 9:30am. Please keep Israel in your prayers as we wait with anticipation to see what the Lord is going to do next. We will post a new update as soon as we can to let you all know how it went. We continue to have complete faith in the Lord our God to complete the work he has started in Israel and for his COMPLETE healing! We love you all and pray blessings upon each and everyone of you! You have no idea how much you mean to us!