Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In HIS Timing!

We had our ultrasound and doctor appointment today. All appendages and such are still the same and growing at an acceptable rate for what they are. He is right at the 50th percentile for growth which is right where they would like him to be. He is measuring at 2 lbs 14 oz, which they say is perfect. My placenta is in a great place still and no worries about placenta previa as there were in the beginning. Israel is still breech, although the doctor continues to not be worried about it and says 95% of all breech babies flip on their own before delivery. During the ultrasound little Israel opened his mouth a few times and that was fun to watch. That was the first time we had seen him do that :-)

We continue to trust God with this precious little boy and have Faith that He is in control and that all things are done in His timing...which isn't necessarily our timing (This is a hard thing for me at times!) We hold onto the promised in the Bible and the words that God has spoken to us. We look forward to the future with anticipation of continuing to see even more just how Great the God that we serve really is. We have given this little one to Him and know that He will take care of him.

Ecclesiasties 11:5 says this
You don't know where the wind blows, and you don't know how a baby grows inside the mother. In the same way, you don't know what God is doing, or how he created everything.

Thank you Lord for your love and care for everyone of your children, including Israel. We are so blessed to serve such an awesome and mighty God. Your will be done!

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Jesse, Shari , and Hank said...

you are such a strong warrior of faith, i am in awe of your love for our God! he has you guys in the palm of his hand!