Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A little quiet...

Ok, so I realize things have been a little quiet around my blog. Sorry...there just isn't much to write about and I don';t want to bore you with blogs that are just about stuff. However...I figured it was due time I wrote something on here :-) So here are a few of the things going on around here.

I have been working on Israel's nursery (AKA Jaxon's room!). It's so much harder to set things up when they have to share a room. I did however get all of his bedding finished (I made it all and I am absolutely in love with it!) and his crib set up. I also got his dresser organized with all of the clothes that have been given to me all ready (Such a huge blessing to have hand-me-downs!).

I have another ultrasound and doctors appointment on Tuesday January 27th. We are looking forward to it, as always.

My baby shower is just around the corner (January 31st) of which I am SO excited for!!! My sister is doing it and has put a ton of time and effort into it. I just know it will be amazing! I think there will be a sigh of relief from me though when it is done because then I will know what else I need to buy to get ready for Israel before he is born. I am a HUGE planner so waiting to get "Everything" I need is always so hard for me.

God is continuing to increase our faith. Our church family is amazing! They continue to bless us with prophetic words and encouragement about Israel and his healing. Reminding us God is ALWAYS in control. How blessed we are to have such warriors for God in our life!

My belly continues to get HUGE! LOL :-) I am loving it...but I feel like I grow every day! Sleeping is becoming a hassle and the bathroom is my best friend...ha ha! Israel is still breech so I have this big hard head shoved between my ribs while his legs "rest" on my bladder! :-) And I feel like I am starving...all the time! Awe, the joys of being pregnant. (I am almost 32 weeks!!! Getting close!!!)

Ok, I think that is all for now. I will be sure and post an update after our appointment to let you all know how it goes. Blessing to all of you!


Erica said...

Praying for you all. I think we need to see pictures of the super cute homeade bedding. :)

Loving Purgatory said...

Isn't it a comfort to see that in Genesis God provided us with everything we would need before he even created us? He is the great provider!! Love you and looking forward to the 31st!

Grace said...

I want to see pics of the bedding too! Also, you still can have anything you want from my boy stash. Justin leaves for Georgia on wednesday for work and so I need to have this baby by tuesday. Hopefully, after that you can come over and go through everything after the baby shower sometime. I plan on being there and hopefully with my new little one. See you then!

Anonymous said...

My name is Cheryl. I worked with your mom at DCBS and have meet you a few years ago when you would come in. Your mom told Carolyn, then it got to me and I emailed your mom to find out about you and your blog. I have been praying for you and so has my spiritual mom and her church group gatherers since then, which has been quite a while ago. I had tried to write you a comment just the other day and couldn't so thank your for the information. I was the one your mother told you that someone my spiritual mom has praying for you had the same thing happen to her daughters baby, which is now her grandchild. They had many praying for her and the baby 17+ years ago and to this day she is 100% perfect. I don't recall your actual due date, which my spiritual mom was curious as well. We serve an awesome, gracious, merciful God that loves you and baby Israel.