Friday, November 13, 2009

Sitting Up

Yes, it's true. Israel can sit up! It's been such a fun and exciting adventure for him and us, learning something new. He LOVES to sit! It's pretty much the only way he wants to be anymore! No more of the laying down business! No thank you!

He figured it out in about a week and has only fallen a few times since then. Sitting opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Izzy. He loves being able to play with so many new fun toys. He is such a smart little guy and I love watching his mind at work.


Anonymous said...

He is a sweetheart! I was thinking about him and went to the site today before even getting a notice that there was a new posting.

Lisa said...

Becca, he is so beautiful. Good for Izzy! I am sure it is due to your diligence in helping him discover new ways. Lisa

Jennifer L said...

He's so cute and looks so pleased with himself.
When my son learns something new he gets so excited and tries to bounce...and usually tips over.

Sharon de L said...

Becca, what an amazing little little guy! He'll be taking in life from a different angle,and have more to babble about!

Thanks for the update and hugs to Rachel and Jaxon-

Sharon deL :)

Anonymous said...

What a precious little boy! Thanks for sharing the pictures. We keep you in our prayers.
Love, Rachel Stucky