Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We serve a God of 11:59

It's true...we serve a God who believes in the time 11:59. Meaning...sometime He has you wait until the very last minute before He completely shows himself, or completes His work or what have you. He has a reason for it, and although we can not always know God's ways or understand Him, we continue to trust in Him and believe in Him...which is really all he asks us to do in the first place!

We had another doctors appointment and ultrasound today. Everything went well. Israel is continuing to grow well and development is the same. He is a growing boy who weighs approximately 5lbs 12 oz. His hair is really starting to come in now too. He is still breech and seems to be quite comfortable in this position. He was very entertaining at the ultrasound as he was trying very hard to convey to the tech that he wasn't interested in having his picture taken...lol. He was a movin and a shakin and not wanting to hold still. He would kick her or push her when she put any pressure on him, and he refused to turn his head for a decent picture of his cute little face. Stinker! Our doctor checked me and I am dilated to 2-3 centimeters, so that's exciting! We are hoping he decided to stay put at least a few more weeks, but we will just have to wait and see. I am all ready to go when the time comes. As excited as I am for him to be here, I know there is a reason God made pregnancy 40 weeks, and I am just trying to remember that!

Thank you all for your continued prayers, support and love. We can feel it, seriously. We continue to have a peace that suprasses all understanding. In the midst of a time where we "shouldn't" feel such peace...we do! God is so good and so faithful. We still believe with our whole hearts that Israel will have complete healing before he is born. We are excited as the pregnancy draws near and we get closer to meeting our miracle baby.

Love to all of you!

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Erica said...

Praying with you and believing in Gods perfect plan for Israels life.