Monday, February 23, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I have some randomness that I thought I would just throw together in this one post :-)

If you haven't noticed, on the top right side of my blog, there is a little icon that says "Pray for Israel" with his picture in it. This is a "Button" I made for our blog :-) Below this button is a random bunch of letters and numbers. This is the code. If you have your own blog, you can grab our button for your own blog. Copy the code, and paste it into your own blog and share Israel's story with others. Help get the word out, the more prayers the better!

If you scroll down on my blog you will also notice other buttons on the right side. These are other peoples blogs that I read and that I am praying for. Feel free to click on these and check them out, and while you are at it, say a little prayer for their miracle baby too.

Twitter...I added this to my blog so that when the day comes and we go into labor, I can keep you all up to date on what's going on. We don't have a laptop, so updating my blog isn't going to happen until we are home from the hospital. But with twitter, I can send updates to it from my phone (It's on the right side...just a tiny ways down) and it will add these updates to my blog! For those of you who only read my blog when you get the e-mail updates, that isn't going to work with this. You are going to have to actually check my blog to see them.

I want to say it again, THANK YOU, to all of you who have been so faithful to pray for Israel and our family during this pregnancy. You mean more to us then you will ever know. Each and every prayers you have lifted up has been heard by God. He is a faithful God and we continue to trust him with the little life he has given us. Please continue to pray as we are in the last weeks of pregnancy.


Jenna said...

Praying always in seattle!

rosebark said...

I love you so much.
Prayers and strength from Ecuador -
Miss Rose