Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prioritizing my life

Eeeek!!! It's been over a month (again) since I last posted! Sorry friends...but I have been having to do a lot of prioritizing in my life. I am very good at getting super busy and committing to way to much. When this happens I realize I loose focus on what really matters in my life. So the things that aren't on the top of the priority list take a back seat, and whenever time allows I bring them back out. My blog is one of those things. But tonight...I feel like I really want to take some time and write! There has been so much going on with Izzy and I know many of you would love an update! So stay tuned for more blog posts such as...
Shriner's Christmas Card
New Legs With FEET!
Christmas Events
Family Photo Shoot
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy
Special Times With Family

But for now, I will leave you with this super cute picture :-)

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Anonymous said...

Aww hes turning into a really gorgeous child... Not that he wasn't before... Well done to you for being such a supporting mum to an adorable child...! God Bless you!