Friday, January 21, 2011

~ Splish ~ Splash ~

Splish ~ Splash...Izzy has outgrown the bath!

As a parent of a child who is a little different then the "standard" child, I take full advantage of every positive that this brings our way. One of my favorites has been bath time in the kitchen sink! Since Izzy's legs are short he has fit perfectly in the sink for almost two full years! This means my back isn't killing me bending over the tub. It also means I can make lunch or clean the kitchen while he is taking a bath and still be right there with him! Sadly, I think this was his last bath in there though. Not only is he getting to big, but it's getting scary! He likes to kneel all the time now and most recently he has been dropping his toys over the edge and doing this...

Yeah...that doesn'e excetly make me feel comfortable! One slip and he is over the edge! Guess its off the the big boy tub from now on!

I just have to share one more picture with you though...he posed like this all on his doesn't get much sweeter than this!

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