Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Yup...That's Izzy! He is FAST! He crawls without hesitation and rarely rolls anymore. He can get anywhere he wants in almost no time at all! He crawls on his knees and the ends of his arms (even though they are different lengths) no matter the surface. He follows me everywhere saying "Mama" and is often getting into trouble! His latest thing to do is dump out the garbage cans and also turn off the computers while the kids are going school. But I don't complain! I got MANY extra months without a busy it doesn't bother me. Plus is it just a constant reminder of how quickly he is growing and changing. Before I know it he will be walking and running. Here is a cute little video for you to enjoy (Don't mind the messy was the day after Christmas!)


chelle said...

I soooo enjoy your blogs.....when I get on my computer I just get this big smile on my face when I see the words "Journey Of Israel". Even though we have never met I feel like I know you and your family thru your lovely writing. I love how you just write with your heart. It truly honestly gives me the warm fuzzies. My son RJ who is 10 has got to know Izzy through the blogs and asks about him and wonders if there is new pictures all the time. He didn't understand the day I was freaking out looking for my debit card to help w the walker. He says "MOM I don't get it you always tell me not to ever give money to strangers and look what you're doing" That was a good twenty minute conversation explaining. I think he understood. All I can say for my ten yr old to want to sit down and read anything for that matter.....ill tell him its time to read for fifteen mins and hell say "well ill go read Israels blog". So you're truly thought about in this household. Thanks again for opening up your lives to complete stranger basically. It truly is a JOY to watch Izzy transform and GROW. Happy New Year to you and your family...Michelle & R.J.

Bree said...

I love it! Go Izzy GO!!

Anonymous said...

HAH! He looks HIGHLY motivated by that treat! You are so cool Israel! And your exercises are working for little Andrew!