Friday, October 1, 2010

18 Months Old

Hey Israel...You are 18 months old!
What have you been up to lately?

How can you already be 1 1/2? It really feels like just yesterday you were a tiny baby! In fact...I still call you my baby, and maybe I should start saying my toddler...but it's just to hard!
*You have changed a lot lately, with the biggest change being movement! You roll around everywhere with full intention of where you are going and what you are doing!
*You are busy and FULL of energy!
*You eat everything...finally! You are always willing to try something once, but not always twice.

*You are wearing size 12 & 18 month clothes.
*You now weight 18 pounds (You have lost a pound in the past 10 months...the doctors are worried...but that's a whole other blog post!)
*You are VERY smart! You love figuring things out and doing "task oriented" things.
*You LOVE my iPhone and have figured out how to do a lot on it already!

*You love attention and know how to get it!
*You are a very big flirt and know how to give the perfect look.
*Speaking of looks, you also know how to give a pretty nasty look too!

*You can say some words and phrases and knows a few signs too. But you gabber a lot!
*You have a mouth FULL of teeth! 12 to be exact!
*You are an amazing baby, with such a great personality. You shine! You delight us everyday! You make our hearts smile.


Melanie said...

I love these pictures of Israel! So handsome, cute and smart! He still amazes me everyday and I miss him tons! Can't wait to see him tomorrow!!!

Sharon said...

Precious pictures of a precious child. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Nessie said...

You have a beautiful son...what a blessing :-)